Pornhounds 2 review on Exquisite Things; ALSO, made it into the Top Ten Comics of 2011!

"Even when everything’s at its bleakest, she narrates her life with a bemused fascination, delighting in the absurdity of things as she suffers through surgery and chemotherapy."

Sharon Lintz' Pornhounds 2 was recently reviewed across the pond at Exquisite Things by Matt Dick. It also made it into there Top Ten Comics of 2011 list as well (and at #3!). None too shabby! Sharon is brilliant, and the cover of Pornhounds 2 is gorgeous and provocative. It puts me in mind of that Otto Dix painting, Little Girl. If the work on the cover looks familiar, it is probably because Nic Breutzman did it. He also has two stories/chapters he illustrated inside the book.

If this sounds like something you would be down with, why don't you head to the shop and pick it up! And while your at it, check out the Pornhounds website for a lot or really interesting stuff, like the letters!!

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