Things You Carry reviewed! Breutzman interviewed + a NVS studio peek!

"It's all very quiet and beautiful and, while open to interpretation, "Things You Carry" feels like a homecoming story..." -- Sarah Morean, taken from her review on Indie Reader.

Things You Carry by Vincent Stall, got its first review earlier in the week. It's a really sharp and perceptive review, well-thought out -- and really, what more could one ask for?

A week or two back Nic Breutzman was interviewed by Lauren Peck of Metro Magazine. Nic talks about living in NY vs MN, comics that he is interested in, etc. It's a nice quick read. Nic's most current work is in Pornhounds 2 (written by Sharon Lintz) and Motherlover. Both books are in the shop!

PICTURES: Noah Van Sciver was recently featured on the Where They Draw tumblr curated by Jordan Shiveley. There is a peek at his workspace, The Hypo, and other doodles and comics. Neat stuff!

Welp, I gotta go watch a holiday movie with my wife now. Hassle Dazzle and Happy Holidays to All!

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