Final Transmissionnnn

As some of you may have noticed, typing in 2dcloud.com no longer takes you here, but to the newest bestest indie/alt/art/blah comics site you've ever fucking seen (last night in the old house, who cares what is said!).

Anyway, this site, much like the Good Minnesotan blog that preceded it, will continue to exist as a source of evidence of a time when Raighne and I (Justin) wrote long, heartfelt blog posts, of which we do less and less, for better or worse (?).

Ok, new site, new shop, new articles, new WEBCOMICS, new everything! Over here.

Thanks, and see you in the ether.


An ABYSS opens up over AUTOPTIC

Abyss by Saman Bemel-Benrud ( August 2013 | $8 | comicbook ) recently had it's web-incarnation reviewed over at Vorpalizer:

"[Abyss'] primary power lies in its presentation of these mundane markers of late capitalism into vessels of wonder and terror — abysses that can be fallen into, home to ghosts that open one’s eyes to new states of being enabled by the same device you used to pre-order your burrito." -- Sean T. Collins, Vorpalizer 

Separate from that, ABYSS will be seeing the world print-side as an Autoptic debut in 2+ weeks! Since 2D Cloud is on the board (bored?) / committee for this thing (multi-day / event / medium), you can bet your bottom we'll be there. Saman will be in tow at a neighboring table -- hope to see yah there!


Autoptic Kick-off Parrty

So, as you might know (and if you're reading this, you most likely do), Autoptic is on its way -- in nearly 3 weeks Minneapolis will be overrun by a COMICBOOK/ZINE/POSTER/INDEPENDENT-CULTURE- BLIZZARD -- a week's worth of events.

We'll get to the full spiel soon enough, like the TWO books we're debuting at the show (surprise!). But RIGHT NOW, we're here to give you a heads up about the AUTOPTIC KICK-OFF PARRTY!

On August 17th @ CO exhibitions, starting at 8pm and running late, we 5 different but AMAZING acts set up for YOU:

The Knotwells (live music)
BenoƮt Tranchand (live music)
Party Food (performance)
Joseph Nixon+Luke Holden (live sculpture and a drum solo??)
Ellen Redshaw (performance/projections/readings/music)

Next week we'll have more news regarding the kick offf parrty, including more images and info about each artist, so check back often!

Oh, and there will be a 2$ suggested cover for non-autoptic-exhibitors. Pretty minimal and TOTALLY worth it. Just coming to the 2dc curated party will grant you a coupon for 2$ off any 2dc purchase of 10$ or more for use at Autoptic or at the NEW 2dc website coming in a matter of weeks. Full details on that coming soon too. OKAY. Gotta jump ship, later!


CAKE 2013

It's here again, as promised, the second year of CAKE. We have all the confidence in the world that we're in for another great weekend in Chicago, hope you can make it. If the above graphic cannot be parsed, here's the key:

Nicholas Breutzman will be at the 2DC table from 11am-3pm in support of our CAKE debut and his newest release, Deep in the Woods, with the other half of the DITW equation, Noah Van Sciver, sneaking away from his table to join Nic from 1-2pm. Justin Skarhus (speaking) will be there to keep the peace and explain everything on the table. Raighne might drift in and out around the first half of the day, but you'll have to wait and see!

As the afternoon progresses, we'll see a changing of the guard, as Chris Adams will spend 3-6pm pushing his first book with 2DC, Strong Eye Contact, also making its US debut at CAKE. Mr. Raighne Hogan will be presiding over the proceedings, with Justin possibly milling around, but probably not.

We're back again, but in reverse. Chris and Raighne will be starting things off from 11am-3pm, with Nic and Justin picking up the 3-6pm shift, accompanied by Noah again from 3-4pm

Now that you know when we'll be around, you just need to know where we are! Here, let us help you out:

While we technically only have one table, it's pretty much a whole 2DC row, with a large portion of the 2DC roster all lined up to show off not only their own 2DC releases, but drop some new work on you (coughcoughWillDinskiVincentStallcough). You might even see a sneak peak of Anna Bongiovanni's new book if you look hard enough and ask nicely, but no promises! Noah will be nearby as well (table 83), where he'll have copies of Deep in the Woods if you want a one-on-one convo with him about it. He'll also have copies of the new BLAMMO #8, can't wait to see that thing, it's been a while.

There's plenty of other people in our vicinity we're fortunate to be around (CCC, IDTN group, etc., etc.), but I don't think you need more convincing, see you in Chicago over Dad-day weekend.


Spring Con

FRESH from our weekend at TCAF, I'll (Justin) be at the MN State Fair Grounds on Sat. with a limited supply of pre-formal US debut copies of Strong Eye Contact:

...along with the usual 2DC array. You're likely to find portions of 2DC's catalog split between Eric Schuster and Uncivilized Books' respective tables for day 2, so track those two down and check out their books while you're at it!

This is the only other local summer show for 2DC between now and Autopic, so if you just can't wait until August and like to buy from 2DC directly, this is the weekend for it.


Deep in the Woods press release

May 7th, 2013

Minneapolis-based comics micropublisher, 2D Cloud, announces their second release of 2013, Deep in the Woods, a double-feature from Noah Van Sciver and Nicholas Breutzman. Debuting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo June 15th & 16th and at finer independent bookstores and comic shops in June 2013.

Deep in the Woods by Nicholas Breutzman and Noah Van Sciver. 30 pages, 11”x17.5”, newsprint, $6.00.

Levitating disembodied cow heads, crack witches, mutant children, urban myths, half-remembered folklore: from the minds of Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman comes Deep in the Woods, a double feature that pairs two of 2D Cloud’s favorite cartoonists in one oversized newsprint.

Robin, the dutiful daughter of a drunk runs away from her home, an evil step-family, deeper into the haunted woods. Who knows what she’ll find? Whiskey's solace? A floating cow head's kiss? Find out in Noah Van Sciver’s “The Cow’s Head”.

Heartbroken Sammy must convince her grandfather to crawl out of the well he’s holed himself up in. But first, it’s a walk through the woods with googly eyed mutant brothers and a stop at the crack witches hut for a ssssmoke. Take a toke with Nicholas Breutzman’s “The Mayfly”.

About the Artists:

Nicholas Breutzman
Nic is a Minnesotan native by way of New York who has had a number of comics published both through 2D Cloud as well as in collaboration with other artists, such as Sharon Lintz (Pornhounds 2) and a collection of SVA grads (Jon Vermilyea, Eamon Espey, Raymond Sohn, et al) for the anthology Critical Citadel. He placed at #24 on The Comics Journal’s Top 50 comics of 2009 for his graphic Novella Yearbooks, has been listed as a notable in multiple editions of Best American Comics for work in Motherlover and Yearbooks, and his work with Sharon Lintz on Pornhounds 2 secured him a place on numerous best of 2011 lists.

Noah Van Sciver
Noah Van Sciver was born in 1984 in New Jersey. He first came to readers’ attention with his comic book series Blammo, which earned him an Ignatz award nomination in 2010. His first 2D Cloud release, The Death of Elijah Lovejoy, brought him his second Ignatz nomination in 2012 and a place in the top 10 minicomics of 2011 for The Comics Journal. His work has appeared in the Alternative weekly newspaper Westword, Mad magazine, and multiple graphic anthologies. His first book The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln from Fantagraphics books is a graphic portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s early years in Springfield, Illinois.