A Party with Prizon Food + Book Lunch

Criminy, criminy, criminy: CRIME does pay -- spend some of that extra time-crook-cash that you would waste otherwise and come on down to a free unique party performance book launch event type, uh, thing, featuring Party Food's latest live multimedia set. 

Slow down son, just what in the GIF is Party Food you ask?

Party Food is a multimedia project by MCAD grad Joe Gillette. Using puppets, video projections, and a symphony of chopped and screwed pop music, Party Food explores themes of love and loss, heritage and rebellion, production and consumption, [one big long fart noise] somethingsomething existentialism. 

Tell you MOAR?
http://prrtyfood.com has all the answers to life's hard blood filled questions.

But you only like comic books you say, well hey! YOU sir or ma'am are in luck! Also at this weirdo event we are launching Part 1 & Part 2 of the Prizon Food saga. The first booklet will be back in print and part 2 will see print for the first time! Whoop it up with Eric Schuster, Party Food, and the 2D Cloud gang (thus be us). Also of note, we will have on hand the usual gaggle of comic goodness. 

If the GIF is giving you guff, making your stomach ache and head churn, below are the specifics. 

And it's free??!
YES! Butt if you are in a giving mood, they will gladly take your suggested donation I am sure. 

Oh gee, you ask, can I make a reservation on the FB and invite all my friends!?

YES>PLEASE!! We WILL see you there.

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