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Above is a recent page from the man who you will have the chance to meet, converse with, and, should you prefer, conduct some transactions with for goods both 2dc generated as well as works from Vincent Stall/King Mini's private reserve. By "you", I mean those fortunate enough to be attending Stumptown this coming weekend!

Raighne and I have a heavy first half of the year in terms of shows, so, much to our deep gratitude, Vincent took it upon himself to rep 2dc at Stumptown this year. If memory serves correct, we appear to be situated right in-between a couple of great young labels from the pacif northwes, Press Gang and Revival House Press. Both have been churning some great work lately, so if there's one lane you choose to mill around in, this might be the one. 

The editor of the upcoming issue of NO ME (which contains what one could call an unofficial 'sequel' to the Hogan/Hogan/Skarhus trifecta of GMN1), Jason T. Miles, will also be in attendance come this weekend. He runs one of the best distros for the kind of work I gravitate towards, Profanity Hill, so do yourself a favor and FIND HIM!

But who are we kidding, you can't spend your entire weekend hanging around a small handful of tables, right? I know of at least one reason why you shouldn't. 2dc artist and author of one of our big fall releases, Out of Hollow Water, Anna Bongiovanni has a table all her own, where you can pick up some of her great mini's and prints. Stop over and get a feel for what's to come this fall, not to mention some of her more light-hearted work, which has a charm all its own.

Enough about our friends and neighbors though. If you want to hear directly from the source why Things You Carry is such a great work, this really is one of the few times you west-coasters will get the chance. Vincent is a great talker and while we both wish we were getting ready to head out there this weekend, we know we are in more than capable hands. 

Plenty more to hit keys about (Little Heart at the printers! TCAF looms! New Itchykeen page in the works! New Vincent Stall interview nears! New Distro books imminent! At least SIX new 2dc books still in the 2012 pipe!), but for this week, keep your eyes trained on one corner of the country, plenty to keep one entertained over there...

Before I rest my head and maybe finish reading 1-800-MICE, thanks to everyone who made it out to the Party Food performance/Prizon Food 2 (in shop soon!) release show in Minneap this past week. Party Food and his co-hort Ric Schuster, who are the brains and brawn behind Prizon Food, performed to a Full House last Wednesday night. It was great to finally experience the full gamut of the Party Food enterprise all in one room, we hope to recreate the scene again, in the future.

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