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Thought I'd start out this post by thanking everyone who helped make our recent trip down to chi-town memorable. Our gracious host, friend, and tireless zinefest co-organizer, Neil Brideau, can be found in the vid above putting forth some of his feelings on why zines matter to him. From what I observed that weekend, Neil seems to have unlimited energy and willingness to do whatever is in his power to make the fest a good experience for everyone. I remember being on the couch sleeping when I heard him come in around 1-2 a.m. after the zine olympics Friday night at Quimby's, only to be out the door again around 7ish for the fest at Columbia College. The guy's a machine! Anyway, thanks Neil and everyone who stopped by the 2dc table, we'll be back down in a couple of months for CAKE, which, from what I've heard thus far, should be off some sort of chain.

In further praise of near herculean feats, my co-publisher and crazyman extraordinaire, Raighne Hogan, along with a plethora of people too numerous to list here (don't want to risk leaving anyone out!) have all rallied together to make our first benefit anthology, Little Heart, a reality! Raighne and I had our misgivings as we departed for Chicago to attend CZF, as progress had stalled out for a few days at 46%, but the final week saw a very strong surge of support that helped push it over the top. When all was said and done, $9,779 was raised, which will be going into improving the book. Seeing how frazzled Raighne was becoming over making this kickstarter happen (part of why some people may not have seen him making the rounds at CZF this year, as he was taking it easy behind the table most of the day), I'm glad it wasn't for naught, as he really put a lot of himself into this book. Raighne will be providing more updates on the book soon, but for now a massive thanks to everyone who made this happen and you'll be seeing us at TCAF, where the book will debut!

Pornhounds 2 continues to accrue praise, this time from Daniel Elkin over at Comics Bulletin. In a very thoughtful review that touches on a lot of the prominent themes (and tosses in a Videodrome reference for bonus points), Daniel surmises: 
Pornhounds 2 is another incredible example of the possibilities of comics. It is a confessional, thoughtful, funny, and empowering story told by someone clearly in command of her craft. All the artists on the book contribute to the book's overall effect, adding emotional tones and focus that would not exist were this story presented in any other medium. It is a great comic book.
While PH2 is back in stock, Pornhounds 1 is out of stock again, so for those of you who have or are looking to order a copy, hold tight, more are on their way!

Raighne and I had the pleasure of chatting briefly with Matt Brady at CZF this year, who was gracious enough to have a go at two of our big releases from last year, Motherlover and Things You Carry. Vincent's book was a bit of a head scratcher for Matt, and understandably so. It's a fairly open-ended work, one that welcomes a wide range of interpretations, which for me is part of its appeal. Raighne and I have had the privilege of hearing Vincent talk about the book on numerous occasions, which has brought many insights to light that I would have otherwise missed. Even without the author's intent(s) rattling around in your head, I had fun reading this book and teasing out my own meaning before I ever heard Vincent talk about it. Despite the bouts of confusion on Matt's end, the quote below encapsulates what he took away from the book:
It's weird stuff, but it's pretty gorgeously drawn, with chunky ink lines marking out all the jumbled details of wrecked buildings, clouds that seem to be alive billowing through the scenery, stacks of oddly orderly piles of papers, and what might be an even more apocalyptic ending. This is weird shit, but I dig it. Maybe someday somebody can explain it to me, but I'll be enjoying the mental imagery it provides whether that ever happens or not.
Moving on to Motherlover, Matt wasn't exactly sold on this book, but "...while it's not necessarily something I would seek out, I'm glad I read it, just to get a feel for what kind of comics they make." I can see where he was coming from with how this book struck him, but how he took it was sort of the point. This is a book that explores the ennui and confusion of youth in multiple ways, which doesn't always make for pleasant reading. Raighne and myself are drawn to these kinds of stories and cartooning styles, as they resonate with both of us in ways we don't find a lot of, at least locally, and this book was our way of adding that dimension to the collective voice of the Minneapolis scene, for better or worse. But enough defense, to each his own, and thanks Matt for taking the time to put some thoughts down on both books for us. Better to elicit a less favorable reaction than no reaction at all!

Check back here in a few weeks for more on 2dc's April events: Stumptown with Vincent/King Mini Stall and a one of a kind release party for Prizon Food vol. 2!

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