Valentine's Day, Little Hearts, and Pornhounds too

Welp, happy Valentines day folks! If you are looking for something fitting to get that special someone, I have 2 recommendation for yah.

1: Why not pre-order a comic anthology on marriage equality? This vid/montage is for Little Heart, a kickstarter project that happens to be another one that I am involved with. The project itself was created in partnership with local non-profit [MN]Love. Their creative director, Simon Stromberg got that ball rolling for this project to happen. Music is by the multi talented Dan Moyer.

2: Why not pick up a copy of Pornhounds 2 by the brilliant Sharon Lintz and various artists, including killer work by 2DC favorite Nic Breutzman. Say, did I mention that Pornhounds 2 made it into the Top 15 Comics of 2011 over on High-Low via Rob Clough? Well, it did. Nice! You can pick that book up in the shop, just scroll down a bit.

Some of our fav cartoonists are on that same list: Noah Van Sciver, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Julia Gfrörer, Tessa Brunton and many other amazing cartoonists -- go check it out yourself!

Anna Bongiovanni had her self-published comic, The Offering recently reviewed over at 13 minutes. From the review:  "I like to imagine The Offering as a softer version of Julia Gfrorer’s Flesh & Bone, which was one of the best books I read last year. It has that same sort of flickering line weight, this rustic quality that reverberates with kinetic potential."  -- Justin Giampaoli

In the fall we will be publishing Out of Hollow Water by Anna Bongiovanni, which will collect some of her past work and some new stuff as well. Really really excited for that book! 

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