Pornhounds 2 reviewed on TCJ

"The comic kicks into high gear with “Daily Office Life” and “Photo Meetings”, the two chapters illustrated by up-and-coming cartoonist Breutzman. He captures both the sleaze and the quotidian dullness of office life as described by Lintz, though porn provides a number of hilarious but incidental laughs. (Lintz’ idea for a porn based on The Crying of Lot 49 made me laugh out loud, but not as much as the bizarre tattoo found on one naked actor in an orgy scene.)"  -- Rob Clough, TCJ

Sharon Lintz' Pornhounds 2 was just reviewed on The Comics Journal by Rob Clough! Quick, go read the review and if it looks to be your cup o tea, come back to our shop. It is a damn amazing comic; humor, humanity, Videodrome horror/sci-fi; all wrapped up in an autobio floppy. And sorry kiddies, this is a comic for mature audiences.

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