Things You Carry reviewed! Breutzman interviewed + a NVS studio peek!

"It's all very quiet and beautiful and, while open to interpretation, "Things You Carry" feels like a homecoming story..." -- Sarah Morean, taken from her review on Indie Reader.

Things You Carry by Vincent Stall, got its first review earlier in the week. It's a really sharp and perceptive review, well-thought out -- and really, what more could one ask for?

A week or two back Nic Breutzman was interviewed by Lauren Peck of Metro Magazine. Nic talks about living in NY vs MN, comics that he is interested in, etc. It's a nice quick read. Nic's most current work is in Pornhounds 2 (written by Sharon Lintz) and Motherlover. Both books are in the shop!

PICTURES: Noah Van Sciver was recently featured on the Where They Draw tumblr curated by Jordan Shiveley. There is a peek at his workspace, The Hypo, and other doodles and comics. Neat stuff!

Welp, I gotta go watch a holiday movie with my wife now. Hassle Dazzle and Happy Holidays to All!


Willy D and Where He Draws

Sketch by Will Dinski take from his blog
Will Dinski makes some of the best and sharpest looking mini's out there. Recently, his work space was featured on Jordan Shiveley's Where They Draw. It's a brilliant idea -- and I am excited to see the work spaces of fellow cartoonists (Tom Neely is up there too!). I am always trying to figure out how to make mine more efficient, although I am never good at keeping it up. The unfortunate part of that WTD posting deals with the fact that some ass-hat broke into Will's place, stole his computer and a bunch of his equipment. NOT COOL! There is some silver lining, but to see that you better check out WHERE THEY DRAW!

And if you happen to head over to Will's news + sketchbook blog you can catch a glimpse of his process in the form of a really neat looking gif. You should add a few of those tasty mini's of his to your holiday list for yourself or someone else -- we got 'em in the shop you know, alongside some other cool books.


Best American Comics Notables: Nicholas Breutzman

Nic Breutzman, as you may recall, has two stories in Motherlover; Photograph and You Can't be Here. The latter of which was recently selected as a Best American Comics 2011 Notable! Woohoo! He was also recently featured in Metro Magazine with an exclusive comic focusing a bit on Saint Paul! Go check it out!

That comic sorta ties into a new book that Nic has been beavering away on for the past two years or so. We will begin serializing it online early next year. More on that later. If you would like a peek, the first nine or so pages were previewed and featured on MPLS.TV a month or two back. The image at top is from said book. And if it isn't obvious, I colored 'dem pages.

For reference:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Motherlover is now in the shop and Nic has some more collaborative work with Sharon Lintz via Pornhounds 2 in the shop as well. We will have more news on that soon. In the meantime, why don't you visit Pornhounds.net 


Noah Van Sciver in the 'Best of' News!

Over at Poopsheet Foundation and Thirteen Minutes, Justin Giampaoli threw together a Best Mini-Comics and Small Press Titles of 2011 -- The Death of Elijah Lovejoy by Noah Van Sciver made the cut!   Here is a quote from list: "Van Sciver is one of the small elite cadre of creators who make me yearn to still be reviewing comics 10 years from now just so I can see what he'll do next." Nice! A bunch of other great books like The Disgusting Room by Austin English, The Wolf by Tom Neely, Too Dark To See by Julia Gfrorer, Passage by Tessa Brunton and many others were mentioned as well. It's a wonderful list -- go check it out!

Speaking of that Van Sciver feller, he was featured on TCJ Talkies a while back with MariNaomi, as interviewed by Mike Dawson. I tell yah, if ever a guy had a radio voice, it is that guy. Mike also has a new comic (Troop 142) out himself by the fine folks at Secret Acres.

Last up, Noah has a sneak peek of The Hypo up on his blog. Really excited for that book, go give it a look!


Things You Carry @ BCGF + New Books in 'da Shop!

If you're headed to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest (and really why would you not be? unless of course you live thousands of miles away...), Santa comes early. Instead of cookies, bring cash-money's for gorgeous comic goodness. While we at 2DC will not be there, our compatriots at La Mano 21 and Uncivilized Books will be there representin'. Swag.

And speaking of Uncivilized, Tom K. will have Vincent "King Mini" Stall's latest and longest comic narrative at the show -- you know that awesome book pictured that we published last month, yep, that's the one! So please stop on by the table with Tom K, Zak Sally, and Gabrielle Bell behind it -- buy their books and Things You Carry!!

Oh and a small note on the snappily dressed chap -- (yep, that's a-me) Tom K, over at Uncivilized has some cool tee's featuring the 'caveman' logo and the one for True Swamp -- very metal! That's what I am modeling. I was going for that sexy underpants look as seen in those american apparel ads. Yeah, maybe not so sexy. Sorry Tom!

Using sex as a jumping off point -- we have 6 new items in the shop! The list includes the aforementioned Things You Carry, Motherlover, Arthur Turnkey Vol. 1, Prizon Food Vol.1 and two books of which have Pornhounds in the title. Those latter two are self published by Sharon Lintz -- who is awesome! They are all top notch books, so go check 'em out! 

A couple more quick notes: the two mini's, Prizon Food and Arthur Turnkey are in very limited supply but they will be getting re-printed very very soon! And for all the awesome folks that are waiting on their copy of Motherlover and other thank you gifts for throwing down the green during our kickstarter -- it's on the way. We are putting together some very cool extra special items! I think y'all will be pleased!