Noah Van Sciver in the 'Best of' News!

Over at Poopsheet Foundation and Thirteen Minutes, Justin Giampaoli threw together a Best Mini-Comics and Small Press Titles of 2011 -- The Death of Elijah Lovejoy by Noah Van Sciver made the cut!   Here is a quote from list: "Van Sciver is one of the small elite cadre of creators who make me yearn to still be reviewing comics 10 years from now just so I can see what he'll do next." Nice! A bunch of other great books like The Disgusting Room by Austin English, The Wolf by Tom Neely, Too Dark To See by Julia Gfrorer, Passage by Tessa Brunton and many others were mentioned as well. It's a wonderful list -- go check it out!

Speaking of that Van Sciver feller, he was featured on TCJ Talkies a while back with MariNaomi, as interviewed by Mike Dawson. I tell yah, if ever a guy had a radio voice, it is that guy. Mike also has a new comic (Troop 142) out himself by the fine folks at Secret Acres.

Last up, Noah has a sneak peek of The Hypo up on his blog. Really excited for that book, go give it a look!

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