Chris Adams' Period in a Brown Paper Bag review

Sara Barnes reviews Christopher Adams’ “Period” over at Brown Paper Bag. Please check it out!! Alternatively, just go buy it in the shoppe>>

“[Period] opens up with us look­ing at the sea, mak­ing us feel small. We then delve into the lives of a fam­ily, a tele­phone com­pany employee, and guys hang­ing out play­ing with elec­tric toy cars. The details doc­u­mented are minus­cule, jux­ta­posed with moments that remind us just how BIG things, impor­tant things, are hap­pen­ing in our world. But, we’re often so bogged down with rela­tion­ships, work, and our own lives to con­tem­plate what’s really going on out­side of our front door.”

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