Little Heart review + new tumblrs

Yay! New review for Little Heart!

print for our Little Heart backers by Jeremy Sorese

Thanks François!!

Thar he be, Jeremy Sorese!! Pic and Portrait of 'da artist

I say, HWAT -- HWAT else we got? Our mega-rad intern, Greer Lawson has put together a tumblr page for Little Heart. It’s currently linked to our Little Heart FB page (though the linking/re-posting doesn’t seem to be working sadly). On it, we got short and sweet interviews with a variety of Little Heart artists, LIKE the above Jeremy Sorese. Many others on there as well PLUS, press re-postings, AND, later in the month, Greer will begin serializing a NEW web comic there as well. 

Speaking of tumblr, we’ve begun our arduous migration of Itchy Keen over to tumblr. We kicked it off with an interview with Vincent Stall. Butter laight than nuhver. It’s still rather rough around the edges and more of a drawing blog by 2dc peeps -- BUTT -- we do have some plans for it. Oh yes. More on that later in the year.

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