Extra, Extra: Spring Cleaning Addition

So, some news: we at 2DC have been doing some spring cleaning on this old blog, perhaps you have noticed it looks a bit less-- fugly? Well, I do hope so, dear reader. I have been distracted working on it, instead of colouring comix, which puts me at 3 weeks behind schedule. I will, however, have time to catch up soon as I'll be shaving a day off my schedule by months end.

Our pal, Noah Van Sciver was recently interviewed on Indie Spinner Rack, pimping his new works: Blammo 7; The Hypo; and the first book we are doing with him, The Death of Elijah Lovejoy! WOO-YAH! Sorry, excited there. We have some big plans for that little book. More news on that front soon.

The Chicago Zine Fest was Justin and I's first out of town solo show without the ladies in tow. You know, for a minute there, I thought we'd probably get a little too blissed out in our adventuring. Not so much though, nearing and hitting 30 does that I suppose. Megabussing in also took some of that wind out of our sails. Enough wind that after Neil Brideau directed us to his fun-house, Ed Moorman gave us a ring and asked me when I/we started drinkng-- haha! No drinking, just dehydration, hunger, and my own sense of goofy-odd behavior.

CZF, which was a blast and is now about 2 weeks in the past. While we did not have a final finished version of The Death of Elijah Lovejoy available at the show, we did have some last minute ashcan's dropped off by none other than Zak Sally the very day prior to our departure! I was super thrilled to have them there-- I am seriously indebted to Zak for pushing to get us those ashcans for the show. Ed did a huge favor by us with lending us usage of his awesome stapler-- a life saver fer sure, as those books needed binding bad (Michael Jackson Bad).

Another huge thank you to Neil for helping to make CZF the awesome show it is AND for letting us crash at his pad! And before I forget-- thanks to everyone who made it out there and stopped at our table to chat us up and/or purchase something!! We love yah!

In other beleaguered and belabored news, a spell back I, Raighne here, was announced to be one of the curators for MIX. I am in some pretty cool company, the curators are as follows:

Rob Stenzinger
Michael May
Ursula Murray Husted
Brittney Sabo
Jason Loeffler
Barbara Schulz
Michael Drivas
Raighne Hogan
Tom Kaczynski
Zak Sally

Purty neat. Well, thanks for lending me your earballs and eyeholes. More pots and pans banging concerning our 2011 plots and plans soon! Also, apologies for any bad grammar or spelling issues. J-Stud, our co-pub, moved to NE recently and has been needing to get his place in order-- Justin normally makes me sound/look better in all regards, including editing my posts before they go live. Regards!


  1. The new blog indeed looks more slicker. Cheers!

  2. Hey thanks man! We ought to hook up sometime soon.

  3. when you announcing your curating picks?

  4. I'll do that this week. Thanks for the reminder JP! Also, are you going to MIX or SpringCon this year?

  5. See you guys at both. Finnally got around to making that snakeman collection I've been talking about for awhile.

  6. Cool, see yah there then. We are always excited to see your comic work!