We're a mere 10 days away from 2D Cloud's first appearance in Chicago at the illustrious Chicago Zine Fest! After hearing good things from our friend, GMN4 contributor, and recent Top Shelf published cartoonist Will Dinski about the show last year, we decided that this is a show we wanted to be a part of. Since we didn't take CZF organizer and minicomiker Neil Brideau up on his offer to table with him in Stumptown this year, this is the ONLY confirmed beyond-our-borders show we're going to this year, so if you can't make it to MN to see us in person, this is most likely your only chance!

A word on the status of Noah Van Sciver's The Death of Elijah Lovejoy: the files have been sent to Zak Sally of La Mano, and if everything runs smoothly, there's a slight chance the comic will still make its debut in Chicago. Considering the chance for unforeseen developments is high, don't be flabbergasted if there's no Noah on the table come Saturday. We'll do our damndest to get it there though!

Looking forward to seeing one of our first contributors to GMN (GMN2) outside of our immediate social circle(s), Ed Moorman, as well as the rest of you beautiful zinesters and small-press whackjobs...

Chi cag o.

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