Matt Dick Reviews Good Minnesotan 4 + Other Odd Ends

Across the pond at Exquisite Things, Matt Dick reviews our forth and final outing of Good Minnesotan.

Matt writes: “Good Minnesotan sits neatly alongside the likes of Kramer’s Ergot and Mome”.  There are more positive words regarding what was once our flagship title over at Exquisite Things.  Give it a read.

I almost feel that sending this book out to reviewers is unfair.  There is something like 22 contributors to the little guy, so he quickly stacks up to 120 pages.  To make matters more confusing, the copy sent to reviewers is a part of the “early sunday” edition.  The final edition, the one in which we are actively raising funds for, will be 30+ contribs, adding another 40 pages onto an already full volume.  So, many thanks Matt!

Before the month is out I will be posting a huge preview of the book, for anybody to check out.  In the mean time, take a minute or two to visit Itchy Keen Art Fiends for some interviews with the contributors.  Interesting stuff.

The above image is just one cover of the four books housed in GMN4's elephant poop paper sleeve.  It was illustrated by Luke Holden.  We will be doing a new book with him, his brother John and Nic late this year or early next.  It's going to be something special.  Then again, I am probably biased.

Last month my sister, Chantel graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education.  Before the year is out, when we move into the new space we will be taking in an intern, and you guessed it, it will be my sister.  She has a great work ethic and is more organized then I often am.  Chantel is also a talented illustrator and cartoonist.

Meghan and I at Chantel's Graduation party.  Looking tired, tired.


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