La Mano 2nd Annual Report + awesome but mostly unrelated note

This Saturday, starting at 5pm is Zak Sally's La Mano 2nd Annual report. It's an awesome-strange combination of a comic/zine/art fair, music show and benefit, all wrapped into one with a side order of fries, er, fun!  The place to be is:

Eclipse Records
1922 University Ave. W.
Saint Paul MN

The musical acts are as follows (though, not in this order):

CAMDEN (Cole from Daughters Of The Sun project)
PINK TEETH (me and Tooth making a racket)
NOSE QUEAN ANT (newly reconstituted)
TUNNELER (a couple guys from Moonstone doing "a hair metal project about drills", whatever the hell that means...)

Also, there is a door fee of $6. With that door fee you get a $6 discount off select La Mano books. Other cartoonists selling their wares include Zak Sally/La Mano, Tom K, Maddie Queripel (?), Vincent Stall(?) and a few 2D Cloud folks (of course!). I should mention that I am not really sure who all is attending the fest to sell their comix and the like. I apologize if I forgot anyone or if folks listed above are actually, you know, not in attendance. Not 100% sure...

Here is a clip from last year's event:

Also of awesome note:  Sean Lynch and Mako Homura got hitched!  Congrats you two love birds, sorry we missed yah!

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