Will Dinski Double Dip

We got our first review of Will Dinski's new book in a few days back over at Paper Darts!

This year Will has 2 books out this fall. The first one, was of course Ablatio Penis, which we published. Will's second book, At The End of An Action Movie, which premiers at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, THIS FRIDAY is self-published with the aid of a MCBA/Jerome Fellowship. It's a very very limited run -- 10 copies or something -- all exquisitely hand-made -- it's huge and letter press printed and comes in it's own freaking box!!! Again, this is all crafted, made, printed, by Will Dinksi -- it is AMAZING!! You will want to check this out!! Click the link for details and hopefully we will see you this FRIDAY!!!



Tomorrow night in Minneapolis, the Walker Art Center will host a Local Kickstarter Artists Reception, which will feature yours truly (raighne here). The event runs from 5pm-9pm, and in between, there will a Free Lecture with Kickstarter co-founder, Yancey Strickler. At the event, I will have copies of Motherlover and Little Heart. Of which, the later is on sale -- 50% OFF (now only 10$ a pop!).

photo by Noah or Robin or someone maybe?

The full list of creatives at the event are as follows: Patrick Burke, Ethan Soper, Ariah Fine, Dale Flattum, Ben Harkins, Caitlin Rae Hargatan (+Screen Printing on the Cheap), John Harris, Raighne Hogan (duh), Roxie Lubanovic, Gordon McAlpin, Joshua Nite, John Noltner, Leslie Ostrander, Matt Marka, Leo Padron, Matthew Plumstead, Carl Thompson

Pretty rad right? Hope to see yah there!

also, if youre on fb, here is a link to a little event page i set-up:



Twin Cities Book Fest this SATURDAY

2dc is returning to the MN State Fairgrounds once again this weekend -- this time with Will Dinski repping / pimping / signing his latest and greatest, Ablatio Penis. Both Justin and I (Raighne) will be milling around the show floor and behind the table this time too. I'll be there when the doors open, and Justin will be there when they close, so if you like one of us more than the other, plan accordingly!

As it’s autumn out, we’ll have our fall colors surrounding AP -- expect to see Christopher Adams' 2dc debut comic Period as well as Justin's newest little inscrutable menace, RDCD Fist 1.5.

As always, the usual 2dc party favors will be on hand too, such as the on sale Little Heart (50% off!! just try and dodge that deal), the quiet beauty Startled Maggie, the wordless fable Things You Carry, the dirty Minnesotan flavors of Motherlover, Noah Van Sciver’s Ignatz nominated The Death of Elijah Lovejoy, and so on. So VISIT US already!! You won’t be disappointed, promise. 


FallCON12: Ablatio Penis, Prizon Food, Little Heart (on SALE), High Score


At the State Fair Grounds in Minnesota, Will Dinski will have copies of his lastest comics masterpiece, Ablatio Penis, published by yours truly (2DC!) on hand for FALLCON, Minnesota's Comic Celebration!! SO, stop by his table and snag a copy, chat up the guy, will yah!?

copy of Ablatio Penis

Our pal, Ricky Schuster, of Prizon Food fame, will also be tabling at this weekend event. He'll have his usual 2DC published Prizon Food comics, PLUS some other 2DC titles like Little Heart, and High Score.

As a reminder, if you are new to Prizon Food -- buy 'em both together and you shave 2 bones off the asking price! Twice as nice!

Say, did I mention that Little Heart is 50% off leading up to the November election (also of note, this sale extends to retailers as well!)? Well, it is! It's a long-ish sale and a heck of a lot off the cover price -- we really want to continue the conversation as the elections draw near. In that line of thinking we also got a new web series for the book via our Little Heart tumblr that we are seeking submissions for. Please go check it out and submit something!

Lastly, we got this little antho, High-Score, about video games. Ties into Rusel DeMaria's big book of the same name (was a backer reward per his Kickstarter). Pretty rad!

They'll be plenty of friends and artists we adore at the show (Cannon Bros, Sam Hiti, Hannah Blumenreich, maybe Anna Bongiovanni -- heck, I don't KNOW!), so go there, wander around and see cool ship!