Tomorrow night in Minneapolis, the Walker Art Center will host a Local Kickstarter Artists Reception, which will feature yours truly (raighne here). The event runs from 5pm-9pm, and in between, there will a Free Lecture with Kickstarter co-founder, Yancey Strickler. At the event, I will have copies of Motherlover and Little Heart. Of which, the later is on sale -- 50% OFF (now only 10$ a pop!).

photo by Noah or Robin or someone maybe?

The full list of creatives at the event are as follows: Patrick Burke, Ethan Soper, Ariah Fine, Dale Flattum, Ben Harkins, Caitlin Rae Hargatan (+Screen Printing on the Cheap), John Harris, Raighne Hogan (duh), Roxie Lubanovic, Gordon McAlpin, Joshua Nite, John Noltner, Leslie Ostrander, Matt Marka, Leo Padron, Matthew Plumstead, Carl Thompson

Pretty rad right? Hope to see yah there!

also, if youre on fb, here is a link to a little event page i set-up:


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