Local zine and comics show, ZINE FEST [dot] ORG, is having a party at their place, the Powderhorn Park Recreational Center in MPLS on Saturday. Party starts around noon and goes till 6pm. A bunch of Z-Fest’s bestest homies will be there, such as 2D Cloud (we go waay back), King-Cat/Spit and a Half, Uncivilized Books, Eric Schuster of 'Prizon Food' fame, LadyQuest -- which includes Coleman Gilbert & Greer Lawson (who is of course 2DC’s intern extraordinaire), Anna Bongiovanni, Hedwig Vinson, Brett Von Schlosser -- aww cripes, this is tiring -- I’m not gonna list everyone for yah. Just go! Or check the full exhibitor list on their site.

Representing 2dc will be publisher Justin Skarhus and cartoonist Will Dinski (both of whom will have new works seeing their local debuts at the show -- RDCD Fist 1.5 and Ablatio Penis).

2dc elf-friends, Eric Schuster, Anna Bongiovanni, and Greer Lawson will be swimming around the show floor at their own tables as well. I’m pretty sure the amazing poet and zinester Gabrielle Congrave will be in the house too. And heck, for the last hour even I’ll (R. Hogan)  swing on by.

Hrm. Somewhere here I am repeating mys elf.

Anyhow, you, yes --YOU -- are invited to the party. Bring some friends, hang out. Buy some rad zines and xomics! See yah there!!

ps: there are pre and post party events...



Christ on a christmas tree -- SPX is LESS than a week away. In fact, it is next weekend (or would it be more proper to say, this weekend?)!

As the last big out of town show for the 2DC crew, we're pulling out all the stops and bringing 8 -- EIGHT of our full blood members. And all behind one table, nonetheless. To make it all work, we'll have set hours, with each day split into 2 shifts.

Oh, and not a small note, but we have 3 comics debuting brand-spanking new at SPX.


11am-3pm: Raighne Hogan, Nicholas Breutzman, Sharon Lintz, Meghan Hogan
3pm-7pm: Justin Skarhus, Will Dinski, Christopher Adams, Vincent Stall

12pm-3pm: Raighne Hogan, Nicholas Breutzman, Vincent Stall, Will Dinski
3pm-6-pm: Justin Skarhus, Meghan Hogan, Will Dinski, Christopher Adams

in order on that above picto:

Nicholas Breutzman, whose latest work can be seen in Motherlover & Pornhounds 2
Will Dinski, with Ablatio Penis  SPX 2012 debut
Vincent Stall, pimping Things You Carry
Sharon Lintz will only be in attendance on Saturday with Pornhounds 1 & 2
Raighne Hogan erm, his new zine isn't ready yet
Christopher Adams gets his Period  SPX 2012 debut
Meghan Hogan brings the first comic in her Startled Maggie series
Justin Skarhus drops RDCD FIST 1.5  SPX 2012 debut

We will also have our first comic with Noah Van Sciver -- which is, of course, our Ignatz nominated 'The Death of Elijah Lovejoy', at the show proper. We might bring some of the weird and gorgeous misprints to the show too. Sometime next week, I will be posting a little trailer for it that I've been pulling together with the help of our mighty intern Greer Lawson!

2DC banner illustrated by Vincent Stall

On another SPX related note, we'll be at table W61 -- a little peninsula with some cool peeps from Sparkplug and others.

Behind the scenes (quietly talking shit and nursing drinks):

2dc publisher, Justy "Skar-crossed-lover" Skarhus and Willy D. With my bearded-ass self wommaning a low-res camera. Seee you xomics kids at SPX 2012. #WAG


Little Heart review + new tumblrs

Yay! New review for Little Heart!

print for our Little Heart backers by Jeremy Sorese

Thanks François!!

Thar he be, Jeremy Sorese!! Pic and Portrait of 'da artist

I say, HWAT -- HWAT else we got? Our mega-rad intern, Greer Lawson has put together a tumblr page for Little Heart. It’s currently linked to our Little Heart FB page (though the linking/re-posting doesn’t seem to be working sadly). On it, we got short and sweet interviews with a variety of Little Heart artists, LIKE the above Jeremy Sorese. Many others on there as well PLUS, press re-postings, AND, later in the month, Greer will begin serializing a NEW web comic there as well. 

Speaking of tumblr, we’ve begun our arduous migration of Itchy Keen over to tumblr. We kicked it off with an interview with Vincent Stall. Butter laight than nuhver. It’s still rather rough around the edges and more of a drawing blog by 2dc peeps -- BUTT -- we do have some plans for it. Oh yes. More on that later in the year.