Kickstarter goal toppled! La Mano 2nd Annual Report report! GMN4 Filed Under Other!

Ah summer, a time of cervezas, unchecked turpitude, and the inevitable fallout known as August. Guess no one told us summer has arrived, because 2D Cloud has been too busy pestering our friends (that's you) and loved ones (that's probably you) about this little project known as Good Minnesotan 4. Raighne slaved over this gem of a anthology earlier this spring and has just about rallied the last of our new troops into what will be our finest hour as promoters of local comics/sequential artists.
 Check it:      +$110 (Non-internet monies)= an astounding collection of cartoonists/artists who are just mere weeks away from being gathered together within the snug confines of ink-slathered elephant poop paper! Thanks so much to everyone who threw down some money, especially in these times of broketude to help us fund this thing. We are beyond grateful and we hope you enjoy the gifts that will be making their way into your hands in the coming weeks. Now comes the fun part for us, nailing down who is printing this (as of now the covers will be going to the Lab and the comics will likely be printed under the watchful eye of the masterful Tom K. of Mome/Uncivilized Books fame) and then getting these guys assembled in time for MIX! Can't wait to see this thing fully grown. Doing these anthologies over the past three years has been great and we hope people enjoy this final installment as much as I know we have and will. A side note: although we didn't raise double the goal amount, we will still be aiming to print twice the projected copies, meaning 500 instead of 250!

To segue ungracefully to last weekend, thanks to Zak Sally for his gracious invite to be a part of his 2nd Annual Report (can't help but think of the Throbbing Gristle record of the same name every time I hear this title, hope it was a reference). It was fun sharing horizontal door space with Tom K. and Camden/Cole's noise ephemera while sweating to the faint hum of aged arcade machines. Was definitely a memorable summer show, we hope to do it again if Zak will have us.

Rounding off a week of greatness for 2D Cloud was another shot in the arm from our staunch supporter and discerning comics connoisseur Shannon Smith on his minicomics blog File Under Other. As usual, Shannon doesn't hesitate to surround us with impressive company in his reviews of our anthologies, as evidenced by lines like:

Like Kramers Ergot or Mome, Good Minnesotan is a really good snapshot of the state of alt comics at the moment of production.  But unlike Kramers or Mome the product has a much more home made feel.

Although I typically feel a little sheepish putting our books in league with these captains of industry, I do feel our final issue reaches as close to the lofty standards those books set than any of our prior anthologies. Thanks as always to Shannon and best of luck with the book he just edited, Shiot Crock Sixteen!

And finally, I, Justin Skarhus, will hopefully be making semi-regular appearances on this and the Itchykeen Art Fiends blog from here on out, as I'm now along with Raighne the co-publisher of 2D Cloud. I've been working with Raighne on comics we never made since we were in high school and I'm looking forward to our 'formal' partnership at the helm of 2D Cloud. Look for 2D Cloud as repped by Shaun Feltz at the Caffetto Craft Fair on Sunday!


La Mano 2nd Annual Report + awesome but mostly unrelated note

This Saturday, starting at 5pm is Zak Sally's La Mano 2nd Annual report. It's an awesome-strange combination of a comic/zine/art fair, music show and benefit, all wrapped into one with a side order of fries, er, fun!  The place to be is:

Eclipse Records
1922 University Ave. W.
Saint Paul MN

The musical acts are as follows (though, not in this order):

CAMDEN (Cole from Daughters Of The Sun project)
PINK TEETH (me and Tooth making a racket)
NOSE QUEAN ANT (newly reconstituted)
TUNNELER (a couple guys from Moonstone doing "a hair metal project about drills", whatever the hell that means...)

Also, there is a door fee of $6. With that door fee you get a $6 discount off select La Mano books. Other cartoonists selling their wares include Zak Sally/La Mano, Tom K, Maddie Queripel (?), Vincent Stall(?) and a few 2D Cloud folks (of course!). I should mention that I am not really sure who all is attending the fest to sell their comix and the like. I apologize if I forgot anyone or if folks listed above are actually, you know, not in attendance. Not 100% sure...

Here is a clip from last year's event:

Also of awesome note:  Sean Lynch and Mako Homura got hitched!  Congrats you two love birds, sorry we missed yah!


Matt Dick Reviews Good Minnesotan 4 + Other Odd Ends

Across the pond at Exquisite Things, Matt Dick reviews our forth and final outing of Good Minnesotan.

Matt writes: “Good Minnesotan sits neatly alongside the likes of Kramer’s Ergot and Mome”.  There are more positive words regarding what was once our flagship title over at Exquisite Things.  Give it a read.

I almost feel that sending this book out to reviewers is unfair.  There is something like 22 contributors to the little guy, so he quickly stacks up to 120 pages.  To make matters more confusing, the copy sent to reviewers is a part of the “early sunday” edition.  The final edition, the one in which we are actively raising funds for, will be 30+ contribs, adding another 40 pages onto an already full volume.  So, many thanks Matt!

Before the month is out I will be posting a huge preview of the book, for anybody to check out.  In the mean time, take a minute or two to visit Itchy Keen Art Fiends for some interviews with the contributors.  Interesting stuff.

The above image is just one cover of the four books housed in GMN4's elephant poop paper sleeve.  It was illustrated by Luke Holden.  We will be doing a new book with him, his brother John and Nic late this year or early next.  It's going to be something special.  Then again, I am probably biased.

Last month my sister, Chantel graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education.  Before the year is out, when we move into the new space we will be taking in an intern, and you guessed it, it will be my sister.  She has a great work ethic and is more organized then I often am.  Chantel is also a talented illustrator and cartoonist.

Meghan and I at Chantel's Graduation party.  Looking tired, tired.