Strong Eye Contact Announcement and Pre-order

April 25th, 2013

Minneapolis based comics micropublisher, 2D Cloud, announces their first release of 2013, Strong Eye Contact, a conceptual meta-fable and funny-book by Christopher Adams. Debuting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 11th & 12th and available at finer independent bookstores and comic shops in early July 2013.

Strong Eye Contact by Christopher Adams. 104 pages, 9”x6.75”, color paperback, $14.95.

Available now for PRE-ORDER. First 25 pre-orders get a copy of Christopher Adams’ last 2D Cloud release, Period, gratis! In addition, all direct orders come with a free interview zine! All pre-orders will ship in July.

Part strip collection, part art book, Strong Eye Contact performs over the course of 104 pages a very obtuse, but careful meditation on what might be seen as the cultural position of the cartoonist by employing a series of narrative contrasts and formal tensions. The use of mediums often associated with childhood mark-making (crayons, colored pens, markers), gives the book a simplistic sheen that belies the formal sophistication operating just beneath the surface.

On this surface, the reader is led by a quixotic, Buster Keaton-like figure through a kaleidoscope of crystalline memory fragments, coalescing into one narrative track. As this unnamed figure tries, with limited success, to be a typical American: using consumer products, failed vacations, fabricated family life, he also attempts to be a successful comic, much like the collection of pages he lives on.

The day to day saga is wet and alive with water colors, crayon, markers, and steady beats of spacious white deluges. Landscapes are populated with mountainous close-ups, cacti, abstracted-patterns, confusion, vast empty spaces, gaps -- cartooning as a potent puzzle where the strangest magic happens inside the reader's mind.

>>For a web preview // downloadable link, click here<<

About the Artist:

Christopher Adams was born in the New York Metropolitan Area. He is between 5' 10" and 5' 11". He does not eat animals. He is an artist and musician. His latest recordings are Baby Hair, Vegetables and Xmas Boogie. His artworks include videos and comic books. His first published comic is Period, released by 2D Cloud in the fall of 2012. TCAF will see the debut of his first full-length book, Strong Eye Contact. He currently lives and works in Baltimore with his girlfriend and plants.
"Death is not an event of life." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Praise for Strong Eye Contact:

“Rarely have magic markers worked such luminous brilliance.” -- Matt Seneca, comics critic, and cartoonist

"Weird, imaginative, and raw. Adams creates a textural experience leading you through the follies of his character's life." -- Aidan Koch, The Blonde Woman, The Whale

"A bloody Q- tip, the crumbs of a waffle, and an airplane on fire...it all comes together with Christopher's unique drawing system. Is the comedian dreaming or is the comedy a dream?"-- Eamon Espey, Songs of the Abyss, Wormdye

“Like a Mr. Hulot transposed into the America of soft-serve and mini-golf, Adams’ comedian is a normal guy trying to deal with work and relaxation in a landscape of perplexing patterns.”-- Matthew Thurber, 1-800-MICE, Infomaniacs

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