Earlier this year, we snuck the first issue of Meghan Hogan’s Startled Maggie series out into the world at large. It’s a beautiful and quiet little comic. We’ll have some more to announce with this series soon. Check the new reviews -- all positivity from Justin Giampaoli at Poopsheet Foundation!

Startled Maggie

“...it’s hard not to fall prey to the charm of this book; the end shot with the dandelions is a lovely capture of the simple magic of youth.” -- Justin Giampaoli

These last 3 are the latest from our fall 2012 crop at the 2dC comic farm. Ablatio Penis is the first comic we’ve published by Will Dinski -- still pretty-damn excited by that fact. Period is by the young upstart, Christopher Adams. Also a first. We’ve got some mega-schemes with that guy for 2013. MEGA. Lastly, RDCD Fist 1.5 is a new mini by Justin. Very cool and very weird, originally made for Jason T. Miles NO ME. Glad to see Justin’s been working on a whopper for a while now per his RDCD Fist series. Excited for 2.0!

Ablatio Penis

“...proudly printed by union workers and I like the sense that he’s sort of taunting us with the use of the ol’ red, white, and blue cover graphics.”
“...a worthy topic that more people need to be exposed to in any election cycle. Grade A.” -- Justin Giampaoli


“Period is a bold statement on the notion that larger things are happening in the world...” -- Justin Giampaoli

RDCD Fist 1.5

“Inside, it offers a dizzying descent into wavy black and white lines, like an old TV scramble...” -- Justin Giampaoli

Lastly, for anyone interested, we are running a little pre-order for a crinkly newsprint split called Deep in the Woods by Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman via Kickstarter. Vid preview below:

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