mini review madness and linkage quickie

Justin Giampaoli of 13 Minutes and senior reviewer at Poopsheet Foundation.

Praise Jesus -- we got some very nice regards pointed our way! Head over to the Poopsheet for the latest scat spat of mini reviews by Justin Giampaoli. And I should add, we are in great company with this latest batch of reviews including 2 titles published by Sparkplug Comic Books; Nurse Nurse by Katie Skelly, Passage by Tessa Brunton (!)

Justin Giampaoli’s praise binge’r continues(!!): 

Prizon Food part 1

Prizon Food part 2

And if you missed these guys reviewed at Optical Sloth, here they are once again:

Arthur Turnkey part 1 

Prizon Food part 1

Prizon Food part 2

Alright, take a bow Toby Jones, Madeline Queripel, Alex Horab (Arthur Turnkey team) and Eric Schuster, Joe Gillette (Prizon Food team)!!

Come next week, we’ll be posting an interview with Vincent Stall on our brothersister site, the long in the works half-baked relaunch of Itchy Keen. We’ll be mostly covering last year’s release Things You Carry. Hope to see you there!

** ps // update :: big thanks to Justin Giampaoli and Kevin Bramer, glad and thankful that you dig the work!!

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