Things You Carry & MIX 2011

Thursday, yes this Thursday we will be releasing Vincent Stall's Things You Carry, a silent comic novella, into the willing wildness of your eager mitts for a mere 10 spot. As a part of the closing of his solo show at CO Exhibitions, there will be an artist talk, vessels in-which to whet your gullet with some of that liquid courage should you find yourself so in awe of the works at hand. Or maybe you are just a fellow awkward creative? Do not worry, Vincent has you covered -- have a drink, buy a gorgeous King Mini screen print, a comic book, mingle. It's going to be a fun opener to this years MIX festivities.

Oh, address:
CO Exhibitions
1101 Stinson Blvd NE #2

+ FB event page

Speaking of MIX, why yes, yes you can catch the book and Vincent at MIX this weekend. (And remember, it's at the SOAP FACTORY!) However, not catching them at this specific event and you will miss the man's show; screen prints galore, installations, an artist talk -- the whole shebang. Things You Carry the show acts as a perfect companion piece to Things You Carry the comic book. Just check out the vid above already to help you make your decision.

Pretty neat, right? So come ON!

While this vid is not for MIX (and is 5 years old) BUT it does feature Luke and John Holden gearing up for a comic show. We got both of these lovely dudes at the 2DC tables alongside Nic Breutzman pimping their new comic, Motherlover. I've been blabbing pretty hard about this book due to the kickstarter we held for it just a scant week ago or so. If you somehow missed said blabbing, please by all means check out a preview of it here.

These 2 mini's are premiering at MIX this weekend as well. Today I biked over to Saint Paul to see how things are looking at the printer. Pretty good I would have to say.

Arthur Turnkey is an all-ages ongoing adventure serial by Toby Jones, Alex Horab, Madeline Queripel, Amanda Thomas. It's 32 pages and in color on quality paper.

Prizon Food is decidedly cut from another cloth -- I mean, it's not not an all ages book, but then again it might not be an all ages book either. It's also in color and while a smidgen smaller dimensionally, it's a bit longer at 48 pages and it shares the same quality paper stock. So maybe it is cut from the same cloth after all? Anyways, it's a Party Food off-shoot by Joe Gillette & Eric Schuster.

I will also be moderating two panels at MIX this weekend. Anthologies Anthologies Everywhere is the first one and it's on Saturday morning at 11:30am and will run for 50 minutes. Editors and cartoonists discuss the meaning of anthologies for readers and the industry. Cartoonists talking at the panel include Noah Van Sciver, Jordan Shively, Anna Bongiovanni, Tom Neely.

On Sunday, How Not To Succeed: Stories From When Things Went Wrong , get an earful of sweet comic wisdom from comic creatives as they discuss failure, success, and everything in between in a humorous and often self deprecating manner. Cartoonists involved include Julia Wertz, Nicholas Breutzman, John Porcellino, Zak Sally.

A fair amount going on this weekend at MIX. I do hope you all can make it to the show proper. It's going to be quite fun I think. There is some awesome events going on after the show as well. Check the MIX Parties pages for more info. Here is the poster for the after party that Nic Breutzman illustrated. Our own John & Luke Holden will be performing as a part of that after party. Hope to see yah there!


  1. Any way I can buy those minis online?

  2. Yeah, of course Rodrigo! We will be putting them in our online shop in about a week. So please stop by again an thank you!

  3. Okay that week turned into a month, BUT, they are in the shop now!