Holy crap -- we made it!!

The past month has been bonkers. The Motherlover Kickstarter and all the books we are premiering and previewing at MIX add up. The stress kicks in and the fun deflates a bit. With that said, WE FREAKING MADE IT!! I feel embarrassed and utterly thankful to everyone who kicked in and helped spread the word. I am so damn indebted to all you folks. Thank you, thank you.

I am also thankful to the artists working with us on upcoming projects for dealing with any bs on our end, to the artists involved in books premiering at MIX and before and to my wife and co-publisher. I got warm feelings for y'all --you know that feeling when you are a kid -- you are in the kiddy pool and there is that warm place? Yeah, so, everybody rules and hopefully everybody wins!

There is still much work to be done as we gear up for MIX, so I will say adieu to all of you. Thanks again!


  1. I want this. I didn't know about the kickstarter page until today. I hope I remember that I want this.

  2. Well, we will have it for sale online in about a week and in shops in about a month. So if you remember, it'll be waiting...