You Can't Be Here gets it's first review!

Nic Breutzman got his beautiful newspaper biggie reviewed over at The Comics Journal by none other than Rob Clough. You Can't Be Here will  be colored and collected into Mother Lover early next year, along with another short by Nic and a new story by John and Luke Holden. Some time before that we will get the new web shop up and open and have You Can't Be Here available for sale there as well as some some of Shenton's shops (currently waiting on Nic getting us some more copies as we are a little low).

On a side note, I got to meet with Grimalkin's publisher, Jordan Shiveley, over tea talk a bit about his outfit as he makes the move to Minneapolis. We'll be doing an interview with him over at Itchy Keen at a later time. Our own Reynold Kissling has a very pretty short in the forthcoming fifth volume of Hive! If I haven't said it before, Hive is doing some things really well and I applaud them on their ability to release regularly, the beautiful hand-craftedness of their releases, and their ability to put out better and bigger books with each iteration. Anthologies are hard, this I know.

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