2 new reviews at Playtime Magazine and a post thank you

Thanks to everyone that came out to Rain Taxi's Book Festival!  A double thanks to those that stopped by to pick up a book off our table and gave it a sincere look.  Also, it was nice being sandwiched between Will Dinski and Kevin Cannon and that the cartoonists were all tabling together for the event!

In other news, we got 2 new reviews over at Playtime Magazine, one for Yearbooks here, and the other for GMN4 here.  Both by the tall and quite bearded fellow Matt Kessen!  Playtime Magazine is a smart, cool snapshot of arts & culture, an eMagazine covering comix, trash novels, films, video games; leaning towards genre work- it's top notch and worth checking out !  In the back issue's there is a review of a Primal Rage novel!!  Strange and stupidly awesome! In any case, check out them reviews!

Photo of our table at the Rain Taxi Book Fest by Will Dinski-- thanks Will!

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