Holy CRAP!! I am late: OR : a MIX wrap up nearing a month after the fact

Fore-warning: Lots of pictures, not so much text. The MIX weekend was pretty spectacular.  I really should have written this much much sooner.  I am not sure how I managed not too.  Nor am I terribly sure what I have all been up to in the meantime.

In any case, the MIX WEEKEND began with a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  I was unable to make it to this as I worked.  Also, not being a huge fan of the comic, I don't know that I could enjoy it as a film either.  Lot's of folks did though I am sure!

Photo by Will Dinski?
On Friday, Dylan Williams and I ran over to Big Brain for pre-MIX festivities.  Specifically, 3 signings.  One of Zak Sally's new book, Sammy the Mouse; Will Dinski's Fingerprints; Aaron Renier's The Unsinkable Walker Bean.

I  snatched a copy of each.  It's the second time I bought Will's story, and well worth it. The earlier version I had also came in a hardcover, but was in black and white and limited to 35 copies as it was hand-bound.

Photo's by Michael May
The pre-MIX fun continued into the evening at the 501 club.  Thar be Kenin Cannon, Tim Sievert, Brett Warnock.

Mr. Renny Kissling and his band Robot's From the FUTURE were there as well, playing in the past.  Renny has a colour comic we will be serializing called Pale Blue Dot.  A preview snapshot can be viewed in GMN4 or online.  More on that at a future time.

Photo's by Will Dinski.

The site of the show was pretty perfect at the Soap Factory.  I love the area, very warehousy.

Photos's by Melissa S. Kaercher.

Did I yet mention that there were VEGAN DONUTS!?  Yup, pretty awesome and damn tasty.  Donuts provided by the newly formed Donut Cooperative, but of course!  Check 'em out!

Photo by Sharyn Morrow.

Here is Sam Sharpe.  One of many talented cartoonists that we would be having as house guests shortly.

BT Livermore and Banner Year Press were some of the first place's I stopped.  Anyone with a 'stache should take a looksy here for friendly write up on his Man's Face Stuff line.  Great stuff!

There's our table!  Meghan, Nic, and Sarah holding down the fort while Justin and I are probably at a panel (either the one with John Porcellino or with Tom Kaczynski).

We premiered GMN4 at the show.  This was the full final version.  I have been neglectful on getting this out to Shenton, shops, contributors, supporters, reviewers.  I will amend that shortly.

Also pictured is Meghan's Geirdo Ferris Wheel.  For a better look, check out her site.

Photo's by Neil Brideau.
This is such a goofy picture.  There is a semi-closer look of the tiny book that is GMN4.  Plus a funny look at myself (Raighne here), Meghan, Justin.

Photo by TwinCities MetroMix.

A nice photo of a cute little red head.
Photo by Sarah Jordet.
Dylan Williams and the beautiful amazing books that his outfit, Sparkplug Comic Books puts out.

Photo's by Neil Brideau.

On the left we have a couple of talented Chicagonites, Ian McDuffie and Lane Westvine. Information is scant from a brief scan of the internets, but they both had some promising comics on hand...

Photo's by Melissa S. Kaercher.

Neil Brideau and Sam Sharpe Mega Bussed it to the Xpo together with Aaron Renier.  Interesting note: Sam, Neil and Eric Schuster were all next to each other at MIX.  Why is that interesting?  'Cause they're all redheads!  It's uncanny and weird!

Photo's by Neil Brideau.

Photo by Melissa S. Kaercher.

Brett and Top Shelf tabling.  Check out the excellent signage!  Also, they are having some amazing sale going on there now with ultra cheap Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore book's as part of the sale.  Check it out!  The sale ends this Friday!  Had I a few extra bones I know I'd be spending 'em there.

The one and only JP Beaty.  Keep an eye on this talented kid.  His output is top notch.  As we were just talking about Alan Moore, his latest is the Adventures of Alan Moore.  Pick it up!

Photo's by Michael May.

I very much enjoyed this funny book.

The organizers! Andy Krueger and Sarah Morean.  Take a bow you two!  Photo by Sharyn Morrow.

Grabbing a bite to eat after MIX at Sen Yai Sen Lek.  One of my favorite places to go for food stuffs.  And they are the exclusive carrier of my favorite beer, the Flat Earth Xanadu.   Here is another strange pic of me and little Maggie.

There is a bottle of it and Sam and me.

Sarah Tulius and who's that in the back?
Why it's the elusive Tom Kaczynski eating a whole slop of noodle's while Aaron Renier watches on.

Ahh shit, we've been spotted, they're calling the cops!

We've escaped to the house, where Dylan Williams, John Porcellino, Noah Van Sciver, Neil Brideau, Sam Sharpe all shall be spending the night.  It's going to be a rather full house.  Pictured is Sarah and Justin.

Justin and myself in the dark prior to going to the after-party at Altered Esthetics.

Getting an air mattress and a sleeping bag for Neil and Sam to have a place to sleep.

Dylan picked up this comic from Big Brain.  Everyone is pouring over it.

That's it, lights out.

Photo's by Neil Brideau.


  1. Dude! That was so fun! Let me stay over next year too!

  2. I agree! You got it Noah! Anytime you're in town, shoot me an email or give me a call!