They come in three

A thank you to everyone who made it out to Immaculate: Works by Anna Bongiovanni at our studio last Friday.  Due to the time creeping up on us for the prep of the show, I did not give Anna or myself a ton of time for set-up, so thanks Anna for slogging through!  And thanks for tasty wine!

In the end it all worked out and some wonderful smiles showed up!

Thar be David "Mister-no-where-to-be-found-on-the-internet" Lundin (captured in a Good Minnesotan 3 story illustrated by Renny Kissling).

Alison Stump, who helped set-up the show on a late late Thursday night, enjoying some wine.

Jenny Considine, in the foreground, David's back, my forehead, and Christina's hands.

Several members of my family showed up, my mom and my sister, Chantel and her friend Tiffany.

Mako Homura having just the right bit of fun with those yummy vegan cupcakes!

Myself, Mako, and Evan Palmer enjoying some "apple juice".  

Yummy yummy vegan cupcakes and fun photo's taken by Heather Buscho with Christina Beard.  Flowers provided by the two of 'em.  Thank yah ladies!

Immaculate continued into the weekend with the Art-A-Whirl crowd making their way through the Thorp Building.  Big thanks to everyone who stopped by and made the show so fun! Extra big thanks to Meghan's Mom for food & table sitting and to James who bought the green mini Geirdo + rocket.

Meanwhile: Elsewhere: in the cosmos.... Justin, Sarah and meself were at SpringCon talking to peeps, selling some of the last Sunday edition's of GMN4 and picking up some books as well.   Unfortunately we did not take any photo's but Will Dinski has got us covered here.  Speaking of Will, he had some really nice things to say about the last Good Minnesotan comic on his blog, thanks Will!

You know, I had originally planned to write a lot more when this was all fresh in my head, but my internet has mostly not worked the past 3 days.  SO.  I will end this with mention of JP's 1890.  A very beautiful book.  I urge you to check it out!

One more thing before I forget.  Sarah Tulius noticed a mention of GMN4 on Midnight Fiction and a photo of Justin and Sarah taken by Richard Krauss as part of their Stumptown 2010 coverage.  Cool!  Thanks Richard!


  1. Yea, the flowers are from Christina & me. ^_^. She helped with the cupcakes too!

  2. Ahhh, I'll fix that, thanks Heather!