Yearbooks on Rob Clough's Top 50 of 2009

We're thrilled to hear that The Comic Journal's Rob Clough gave Yearbooks #24 in his Top 50 Comics of 2009.  Clough writes that "Breutzman’s grotesque style and the lurid color scheme of Raighne Hogan created a grim and nightmarish world that’s compelling from beginning to end."

We're among good company. The Top 50 also included some of our favorite cartoonists and publishers: The Book of Genesis Illustrated, by Robert Crumb (WW Norton), Be a Nose! by Art Spiegelman (McSweeney's), Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuchelli (Pantheon), George Sprott, by Seth (Drawn & Quarterly), and Minnesota cartoonists Will Dinski's Covered in Confusion (self published) and Zak Sally's Like A Dog (Fantagraphics).