ZineFest 2010

Man.  The days are flying by.  ZineFest 2010 is just about upon us!  Crikey!

The important stuff:
The place = Steven's Square Center for the Arts
1905 3rd Ave S Minneapolis (it's a few blocks north of the MIA)

Date = July 10th, 2010.

Time = 11am-5pm

It's going to be a pretty sweet event, and we would really love to see you there! 

And with a bicycle activist panel led by Microcosm's Joe Biel, letterpress demos, a Zinefest button vending machine, live zine readings, a history of the postal service + "Can I Ship This?" Q&A delivered by the USPS, and an  after-party with live music; ALL priced at the recession proof price of FREE-- How could you be so foolish as to miss it?

Justin S. and Sarah T. will be at the 2D Cloud table with our usual stable of odd funny books to check out, including an early sunday edition of Good Minnesotan 4.   There are only one or two of those versions left.    Snap 'em up, and again, visit!



This Saturday, we are having what is likely to be our last show in our studio, curated by Noah Harmon.  It ought to be a enjoyable event, hope you can make it.


Good Minnesotan #4 + Kick Starter

Hello all!  This is Raighne here, and I have finally put up that Kick Starter page for Good Minnesotan 4.  I am very eager to get the final edition in people's hands.  It will be having it's grand premier at MIX in August on the 21st.  We will have a post all about that shortly as well Zinefest. 

I should emphasize that we REALLY need your assistance in funding GMN4.  I think there are some neat thank you gifts for folks and hopefully you do too.  Anyways, here is the link:

There is a video and a link to a partial preview.  It's going to be a great looking book thanks to it's awesome contributors!  In the next week or so I will be posting a list of those who made it into the final volume.

Thanks so much!