Belated Bumpage

Shannon Smith, one our earliest supporters, has reappeared on our radar after a long (and we thought at one point permanent) absence to include us in his best of 2009!

In his run-down of what struck him as impressive over the past year, Good Minnesotan 3 and Yearbooks were both placed at the top of his "Non-Minicomics" portion of the list. Smith had nothing but good things to say about our third outing, putting GMN in league with the venerable Mome quarterly anthology, heady company indeed. The praise for Yearbooks was just as glowing, with a couple of choice lines like: 
The color pages are so vibrant it feels like you are holding an original water color painting. I had to double check a few times to see if the page was still wet.
When we had sent off GMN3 and Yearbooks to Shannon last year, we were somewhat surprised by his silence regarding both books, given that we felt they were some of the best work we had put out thus far. Now that he has explained (or at least alluded to) the reasons for his sluggish response time to submitters, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and simply thank him for the kind words. Thanks Shannon!

Also worth mentioning is the plug by local comics blogger Ted Anderson over at his page on examiner.com. In a small post covering the recent attention given to some of the more prominent local releases last year, specifically Rob Clough's best of list on The Comics Journal's page a while back (see our earlier post), Ted notes the inclusion of Yearbooks on the upper half of said list. Cheers Ted!

More to come as our tour season lurches back into action...


Lee Harvey Oswald in 2D Cloud studio

During the past few months our studio has undergone a transformation.

A blue cot, two wooden canes, dozens of JFK photos and newspaper clippings, Russian maps, and piles of books about the Soviet Union were thrown about amid blankets, old sweaters, cardboard boxes, scummy dishes, and discarded socks.

Our friend James Vculek was filming "The Confessions of Lee Harvey Oswald".

James wrote and directed the film. You can watch a clip below and find additional clips on his youtube page.

He has written, directed, and produced two other movies: "The Quietest Sound" and "Two Harbors". Four of his plays have been a part of the MN Fringe Festival ("Shtick, and Its Relation to the Unconscious", "The Princeton Seventh", "Angelina Jolie is a Zionist Whore! or, Plan 9 from Baghdad", and "Something Witchy") and he is currently writing for this summer's Fest.

We were thrilled to provide one of the locations for this film.  We will let you know when the release date is announced.

more James Vculek:
on Minnesota Public Radio
on Blue Glow
in City Pages


Yearbooks on Rob Clough's Top 50 of 2009

We're thrilled to hear that The Comic Journal's Rob Clough gave Yearbooks #24 in his Top 50 Comics of 2009.  Clough writes that "Breutzman’s grotesque style and the lurid color scheme of Raighne Hogan created a grim and nightmarish world that’s compelling from beginning to end."

We're among good company. The Top 50 also included some of our favorite cartoonists and publishers: The Book of Genesis Illustrated, by Robert Crumb (WW Norton), Be a Nose! by Art Spiegelman (McSweeney's), Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuchelli (Pantheon), George Sprott, by Seth (Drawn & Quarterly), and Minnesota cartoonists Will Dinski's Covered in Confusion (self published) and Zak Sally's Like A Dog (Fantagraphics).


Foot in the Door 4

Raighne and I both have artwork in the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Foot in the Door 4. This exhibition will be up until June 13 in the MAEP galleries.

Raighne's piece is a portrait of his friend Laura Kincaid. My piece is a crocheted sculpture of a geirdo within an alien plant form.
What is Foot in the Door?
MPR: Minnesotans Flock to get a 'Foot in the Door' at the MIA

Watch these MIA videos to find out:
Foot in the Door 4
Time Lapse of the Installation
The Spot at the Foot in the Door Opening Reception