Noah on Inkstuds and BLAMMO #7 pre-order ready!

Yeah this was a couple weeks ago...  That is, that Noah and a few other cartoonists discussing Best of 2010 comics on the comix radio show, INKSTUDS.  Follow the link.  Noah named Nic's You Can't Be Here as one of his favorite reads of 2010!  Thanks Noah for the shout out!  Anyone interested in picking up that newspaper comic best act on it soon, there's only like 30 of 'em left!

Imma slow moving, tree dwelling sloth lately.  But, yeah.  Here is my current stab at colouring the cover of Noah's Lovejoy book.  Yeah?

Update: I forgot to mention, BLAMMO #7 is currently available for pre-order. Do yourself a favor and pick up that book from Kilgore! It's got a beautiful colour cover!


Best of 2010 Links (and not the Jimmy Dean or Atari variety)

Across the pond at the excellent Exquisite Things blog, Matt D made mention of GMN #4 making the best of 2010 cut!  Awesome, thanks Matt, and thanks to everyone involved with that book, it was great fun working on it!  Of note, there are some great interviews and articles at Exquisite Things, and worth checking out.  I've stumbled upon numerous works and cartoonists that I've added to my list of things to acquire...

Speaking of best of nonsense, I threw together some of my fav's for 2010, which made its way onto the Daily Crosshatch.  I love those title's and I love a lot more of them then that.  At a later date I will talk a bit more about some of my fav-o-flav's of 2010, and those I missed and still lust after.

Also, a while back I was interviewed about crowdfunding over at Inforum, the Forum of Fargo and Moorhead by Marino Eccher.  It's an interesting read, check it out!  In a month or two, we will be going at it again with crowdfunding site Kickstarter for our largest undertaking of 2011.  More on that soon, son.


Happy New Year Folks!

So, it's 2001, er 2011.  Happy New Year folks!  We have some big plans for 2011.  For the past 2 years we have only put one or two books out all year.  This year, we are upping that to at least 4-5 titles at minimum.  We've budgeted for considerably more, but we have to wait on the artists to finish or for some (myself included) to start their respective books with the gusto required to get them done on schedule.  In a future post I will go over some of the titles and the artists involved.  It's going to be a full year!

The first book out of the gate for 2D Cloud will be Noah Van Sciver's The Death of Elijah Lovejoy.  To the left is a very rough colour test-- I'll be doing a number of these and having Zak Sally take a look at seeing which ones would be easiest to run off his press.

I'm very excited to be working with Noah, who recently had a fling with the press via the Most Memorable Comics and Graphic Novels of 2010 on NPR.  He is also going to be on Inkstuds in the very near future and he has a comic in an upcoming issue of MOME!  Congrats Noah!

I am also very excited to be using Zak Sally's press for The Death of Elijah Lovejoy, it's a perfect fit.  In the next month or so we will have a more in-depth interview with Noah over at Itchy Keen.  And at some point here we will get that video interview we did between Zak Sally and Dylan Williams up.

Speaking of interviews on Itchy Keen, we have a new one up with Jordan Shiveley, head cat over at fellow minneapolis based small press publisher, Grimalkin.  They have title out by Noah Van Sciver at their shop.