The Best of 2012

will dinski
photo of Will Dinski by Nate Beaty
photo of Meghan Hogan by Raighne Hogan
Party Food
We are excited to announce that four of 2d Cloud's releases have made 2012 end of year lists! Will Dinski's Ablatio Penis made Forbidden Planet's Best of the Year 2012 list. Meghan Hogan's Startled Maggie made the Salon Saloon's Heavy 100 list for 2012. Prizon Food Parts 1 & 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food were chosen as two of 2012's best mini-comic and small press titles by the Poopsheet Foundation. Thanks to Zainab, Steven Lang and Justin Giampaoli for placing these books amongst their personal favorites for 2012!!! You can pick up a copy of all four books in the 2d Cloud shop!

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