2d Cloud hanging over SpringCon this Weekend

2d Cloud and Noah Van Sciver at SpringCon 2011
This weekend 2d Cloud will be at the Midwest Comic Book Association's SpringCon. Last year at SpringCon Noah Van Sciver debuted his first 2d Cloud publication The Death of Elijah Lovejoy at our table. This year Justin, Nic, Raighne, and I (Meghan here) will be pushing a whole bunch of books that we publish and distro. 2012 has been a publishing avalanche: Little Heart: A Comic for Marriage Equality, Things You Carry by Vincent Stall (aka King Mini), Arthur Turnkey vol. 1 by Toby Jones, Alex Horab, Madeline Queripel and Amanda Thomas, Prizon Food vol. 1 & 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food, Brothersister, and Motherlover by Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke Holden, and Raighne Hogan. Take note, Justin will be representing 2d Cloud in the live Lutefisk Sushi podcast panel hosted by Danno on Saturday from 3-4pm.

Unrelated to SpringCon but for those of you who are looking forward to our upcoming publication The Mayfly and The Cow's Head, Noah Van Sciver just finished his 17 page contribution and posted this pic on facebook:
The Cow's Head by Noah Van Sciver

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