Dry Spell, Moving Hell

Hello folks, we have quite a few things a brewing here at 2DC. As I (raighne here) have been in the middle of a very slow move, progress on much has also turned to a gelatinous crawl. We should be having some major-ish announcements (for a tiny operation such as we are) pretty soon. What I can tell yah is we will be adding a few more things to the shop and future release's once Meghan and I have settled into our new digs.

Oh, and the preview above. That is for The Death of Elijah Lovejoy which is making it's way to reviewers and the first shop orders in NY thanks to our sales rep. Mister Tony Shenton. A special thanks to my co-pub for mailing all 'dem suckers out and staying on top of shit while I am in moving purgatory!

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