Maggie's 30th: A Photo Post

Last Monday was my wife's 30th Birthday. As Meghan is not much of party-person we kept it a mostly solo affair. In the morning Meghan opened some gifts, about 95% comics. Some of the new additions to our comics library include: Doghead by Al Columbia, Stigmata by Lorenzo Mattotti & Claudio Piersanti, From Inside by John Bergin, The Kim Deitch Files put out by the ever lovely La Mano. It's pretty wonderful being married to this wonderful gal-o-mine as our interest in comics, art, music, literature is about 90% spot on-- thusly I do SO enjoy getting her comics! Ha!

Meghan and I went had breakfast and picked up a bottle of ice wine and a vegan cake then headed back home, where I began cooking some dinner, a mango tofu stir-fry.

Maggie helped get the cake out of the fridge.

Mmm. Cake!

Better eat some dinner first. This is how I look when I eat.

Better take those green things off.

Have some wine Maggie.


I like cake too.

But Maggie LOVES cake!

This is probably a little sappy-- sorry folks, but I love my little Maggie "Cake" Monster!

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