Immaculate at Art-A-Whirl + SpringCon

To kick off Art-A-Whirl this Friday night we are opening Immaculate: works by Anna Bongiovanni. This is our 1st solo artist show in our studio. Anna will be there at the opening with Meghan and myself (raighne here) showing up about 6pm.  There will be vegan cupcakes made by Heather Buscho, vegan cookies made by me, wine, Geirdoz, our comix and of course Anna's beautiful art!

The other event going on this weekend is SpringCon at the State Fair grounds.  I will be there with Justin Skarhus and perhaps Sarah Tulius.  Anna Bongiovanni will be at SpringCon Saturday and Sunday at her own table.  Meghan will be holding down the fort at our studio for Art-A-Whirl.  Lots of stuff- sorry for the tardy notice- check it all out!

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