We leave for Stumptown tomorrow!  For the show we will have a hand-full of Meghan's Geirdoz. A couple of the little fellows are staying home from the trip. Blueberry, the little guy in the middle, gets motion sickness on planes. Don't worry though, he will be protected by a mid-sized Geirdo with battle damage-- COOL BATTLE DAMAGE!  (not pictured, he's camera shy).

Nic Breutzman's single, oversized newsprint comic, You Can't Be Here, will also be on hand.   I really dig the awesome biggy-ness of it, and I think YOU will too.

Last up, Good Minnesotan#4 will be previewed and on hand to purchase.  We will only have a small number at the table, so snatch 'em up.  GMN#4: One Last Taste will make it's proper debut later in the year at MIX.

The cover sleeve was illustrated by Martha Iserman + Matt Wells, back cover was illustrated by Nic Breutzman with me man-handling the colours.   Good Minnesotan #4 is a four part comic/book, with each mini volume fitting inside the sleeve in a good and proper inelegant fashion.

A full write up of the artist's (all 20+ of 'em) included in the fourth and final volume after Stumptown.

Not pictured (as I don't have it on me) is Shortrounds, a cute mini by Sarah Tulius.  It will be making it's WORLDWIDE debut!  ZOMBGOGD!  Justin and myself will have RDCDFist as it was meant to be, premiering properly there as well... if you bought it prior, well, I owe you.  Hope to see y'all there!