Lee Harvey Oswald in 2D Cloud studio

During the past few months our studio has undergone a transformation.

A blue cot, two wooden canes, dozens of JFK photos and newspaper clippings, Russian maps, and piles of books about the Soviet Union were thrown about amid blankets, old sweaters, cardboard boxes, scummy dishes, and discarded socks.

Our friend James Vculek was filming "The Confessions of Lee Harvey Oswald".

James wrote and directed the film. You can watch a clip below and find additional clips on his youtube page.

He has written, directed, and produced two other movies: "The Quietest Sound" and "Two Harbors". Four of his plays have been a part of the MN Fringe Festival ("Shtick, and Its Relation to the Unconscious", "The Princeton Seventh", "Angelina Jolie is a Zionist Whore! or, Plan 9 from Baghdad", and "Something Witchy") and he is currently writing for this summer's Fest.

We were thrilled to provide one of the locations for this film.  We will let you know when the release date is announced.

more James Vculek:
on Minnesota Public Radio
on Blue Glow
in City Pages

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