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The Best of 2012

will dinski
photo of Will Dinski by Nate Beaty
photo of Meghan Hogan by Raighne Hogan
Party Food
We are excited to announce that four of 2d Cloud's releases have made 2012 end of year lists! Will Dinski's Ablatio Penis made Forbidden Planet's Best of the Year 2012 list. Meghan Hogan's Startled Maggie made the Salon Saloon's Heavy 100 list for 2012. Prizon Food Parts 1 & 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food were chosen as two of 2012's best mini-comic and small press titles by the Poopsheet Foundation. Thanks to Zainab, Steven Lang and Justin Giampaoli for placing these books amongst their personal favorites for 2012!!! You can pick up a copy of all four books in the 2d Cloud shop!



Christ on a christmas tree -- SPX is LESS than a week away. In fact, it is next weekend (or would it be more proper to say, this weekend?)!

As the last big out of town show for the 2DC crew, we're pulling out all the stops and bringing 8 -- EIGHT of our full blood members. And all behind one table, nonetheless. To make it all work, we'll have set hours, with each day split into 2 shifts.

Oh, and not a small note, but we have 3 comics debuting brand-spanking new at SPX.


11am-3pm: Raighne Hogan, Nicholas Breutzman, Sharon Lintz, Meghan Hogan
3pm-7pm: Justin Skarhus, Will Dinski, Christopher Adams, Vincent Stall

12pm-3pm: Raighne Hogan, Nicholas Breutzman, Vincent Stall, Will Dinski
3pm-6-pm: Justin Skarhus, Meghan Hogan, Will Dinski, Christopher Adams

in order on that above picto:

Nicholas Breutzman, whose latest work can be seen in Motherlover & Pornhounds 2
Will Dinski, with Ablatio Penis  SPX 2012 debut
Vincent Stall, pimping Things You Carry
Sharon Lintz will only be in attendance on Saturday with Pornhounds 1 & 2
Raighne Hogan erm, his new zine isn't ready yet
Christopher Adams gets his Period  SPX 2012 debut
Meghan Hogan brings the first comic in her Startled Maggie series
Justin Skarhus drops RDCD FIST 1.5  SPX 2012 debut

We will also have our first comic with Noah Van Sciver -- which is, of course, our Ignatz nominated 'The Death of Elijah Lovejoy', at the show proper. We might bring some of the weird and gorgeous misprints to the show too. Sometime next week, I will be posting a little trailer for it that I've been pulling together with the help of our mighty intern Greer Lawson!

2DC banner illustrated by Vincent Stall

On another SPX related note, we'll be at table W61 -- a little peninsula with some cool peeps from Sparkplug and others.

Behind the scenes (quietly talking shit and nursing drinks):

2dc publisher, Justy "Skar-crossed-lover" Skarhus and Willy D. With my bearded-ass self wommaning a low-res camera. Seee you xomics kids at SPX 2012. #WAG


CAKE debuts // news + post TCAF blues

I know it's gotten a little quiet here on the 2DC blog, which doesn't been mean we've just been twiddling our thumbs -- we've been very-very busy. AND very-very behind. Sorry friends.

This weekend is the first ever Chicago Alternative Komix Expo, or CAKE for short. There is a killer line-up of alt and small press cartoonists and the small pressers and distro's that represent them taking part in the great weekend long Chi-cag migration. The official (and gorgeous!) CAKE banner was illustrated and designed by Laura Park.

From their event page:

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE] is a free, weekend-long celebration of independent comics taking place June 16th and 17th, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers.

We will also be hosting a selection of special guests which includes Jeffery Brown, Lilli Carré, Paul Hornschemeier, Lucy Knisley, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Corinne Mucha, Anders Nilsen, Laura Park, John Porcellino, Nate Powell, Closed Caption Comics, Pizza Island, and Trubble Club. We are also pleased to honor excellent publishers such as 2d Cloud, Domino Books, ITDN Group, Koyama Press, Northwest Press, Retrofit Comics, Secret Acres, Sparkplug Books, Tugboat Press, and Uncivilized Books! For a full list of our other amazing exhibitors, programming, and off-site events please visit !"

BAM!! -- (dat's us in the yellow spot below!!) Very exciting!!

Yes. So. If you happen to be looking for us, we will be at table 50 with the beautiful banner above at our table illustrated and designed by Vincent Stall. Vincent will be at the table right next to us alongside Anna Bongiovanni, another 2dc regular.

At our crowded little table you will find myself (raighne here), Justin Skarhus, Meghan Hogan, Nicholas Breutzman, and Eric Schuster. At the show we will have 4 new (and new-ish at nary a month old) books debut.

cover by Saman Bemel-Benrud
First up, we got High-Score, which shares titles with Rusel DeMaria's book of the same name because it was created as a thank you gift to some of his kickstarter backers. If you have any interest in video game history, I would very seriously recommend you seek out his book which is coming back into print this fall in an expanded 3rd edition. More info on his blog is forthcoming.

Back to the above mini, this little one features new shorts by the likes of Hannah Blumenreich, Peter Wartman, Eric Schuster, Saman Bemel-Benrud, Toby Jones, and heck -- I've got some doodles in there too!

cover by Ric (art) + Joe (design)

You might've seen and picked up Prizon Food Part 2 at our comic release party with Joe Gillette, perhaps better known as Party Food, and Eric Schuster in the last month or so, but if not... Well, it's making it's broader splash this weekend at CAKE! Holding down the pimpatude of said title will be Eric Schuster himself. He will also have the limited edition Party Food Playing Cards. And if you are a PF virgin, for 20 bones you can get parts 1-2 + the card set, which saves yah -- lets see, carry the 1, 5-6-7 SEVEN dollars! Whadda-deal!!

For more info, check out the CAKE debut page for the book!

**nalso, just noticed these suckers were very recently reviewed! PF1 here, PF2 there. noice!!

cover by Meghan Hogan w/ raighne (colors)

In a new annual auto-bio serial, Meghan Hogan will see Startled Maggie number 1 debut at the show. This comic is at the printer (La Mano!!) right now. It's a gorgeous little looker, 4 color cover, 1 color interior. Neat fact time: the insides of the book were all drawn in pencil and to keep that look intact La Mano used the same dark grey ink that was used to simulate pencil lines as they did for the Kim Deitch Files! Pretty rad!!

This comic also made it into the CAKE debut page -- make a looksee willyah!?

cover by the amazing Tuesday Bassen!

Lastly, we'll have Little Heart, which will be making it's proper stateside premiere this (yes!) weekend.
If you somehow have not heard a peep about this book, please check out the CAKE debut page. AND to all backers and contributing artists, etc -- my sincere apologies on getting these mailed off to you. We've hit a little snag on one of the backer thank you gifts -- and I've just been swamped getting ready for this show, to be honest. More on this in a backer update soon here.

TCAF post-script

Speaking of Little Heart, last month saw Justin and I making it to TCAF. It was the first time we had attended the show since 2009, where we quietly announced our plans to start publishing solo (vision) work by creators via Nicholas Breutzman's Yearbooks. And --

You know what? It was really nice being back.

Our trek to Toronto this time round was a bit of a strange one as it saw us cutting through Chicago via Megabus; crashing with our pal Neil Bredeau to catch a flight the following morning, all to save a couple bucks. Thus, some Chicag fotos:

thursday night?
meeting up with Neil (not-pictured)
hosteling it
We had pretty killer placement at the show -- maybe better than we deserved too. We were on a little island near the entrance alongside sexy-small-presser's like Sparkplug (Emily Nilsson), i will destroy you (Tom Neely), Spit & a Half (John Porcellino + Noah Van Sciver), La Mano (Zak Sally), P-Box (Molly Roth). Across from us was Annie Koyama & a swath of Koyama Press mega talents; Maurice Vellekoop, Michael DeForge, Dustin Harbin, Tin Can Forrest, and many others!

no show would be without spotting a few...


At our table we had Ed Choy & Jeremy Sorese who helped us make a big splash with Little Heart. In addition, each of those young mega talents had their own debut books at said show (see Curveball by Sorese and Ed Choy Draws James Joyce).

Big ups to all the smart, wonderful TCAF organizers, volunteers, moderators -- through them we had traffic directed at our table due to our placement and we were made part of 2 panels(!). And we just had great effing time hanging out! And an obvious thank you to Christopher Butcher for running the best damn comics festival we have ever seen or been too!!

photo by Dre Grigoropol

Pictured above (by Dre): Jose Villarubia as moderator alongside panelists; Maurice Vellekoop, myself, Jeremy Sorese, Ed Choy, Lucy Knisley, Emily Carroll. For several of us, this was our first panel and we were very nervous. Ed was smart and had some liquid courage on hand to stem those nerves.

Other News:

Pornhounds #1 is back in print -- apologies for any tardiness on outgoing orders!

New review of Will Dinski's Covered in Confusion over at Stumptown Trade Review.

Justin was featured on a panel at SpringCon via Danno Klonowski at Lutefisk Sushi Podcast!

The shop, upcoming releases, and blog at large have been updated by Meghan Hogan and Justin Skarhus -- thanks you two! Both are far easier to navigate now.  So take a look and thanks for allowing me to totally burn your eyes out with this loooong ass post!


2d Cloud hanging over SpringCon this Weekend

2d Cloud and Noah Van Sciver at SpringCon 2011
This weekend 2d Cloud will be at the Midwest Comic Book Association's SpringCon. Last year at SpringCon Noah Van Sciver debuted his first 2d Cloud publication The Death of Elijah Lovejoy at our table. This year Justin, Nic, Raighne, and I (Meghan here) will be pushing a whole bunch of books that we publish and distro. 2012 has been a publishing avalanche: Little Heart: A Comic for Marriage Equality, Things You Carry by Vincent Stall (aka King Mini), Arthur Turnkey vol. 1 by Toby Jones, Alex Horab, Madeline Queripel and Amanda Thomas, Prizon Food vol. 1 & 2 by Eric Schuster & Party Food, Brothersister, and Motherlover by Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke Holden, and Raighne Hogan. Take note, Justin will be representing 2d Cloud in the live Lutefisk Sushi podcast panel hosted by Danno on Saturday from 3-4pm.

Unrelated to SpringCon but for those of you who are looking forward to our upcoming publication The Mayfly and The Cow's Head, Noah Van Sciver just finished his 17 page contribution and posted this pic on facebook:
The Cow's Head by Noah Van Sciver


A peek at King Mini's new book

Hello folks! So a couple of weeks ago, Vincent Stall's work was previewed on MPLS.TV -- some of which, like the image to the left, was a re-jiggered version of his upcoming graphic novel Things You Carry which we will be launching at Gallery CO this October 9th, which is a Sunday. He will also have a ton of drop-dead fucking gorgeous screen prints available at the show. That large bulge of bills in your pants is going to want to buy a few of 'em so be sure to stop by and pick up his new comic!

In other news, Metro Magazine is running a promo in collaboration with the Twin Cities Zine Fest, giving away a bunch of free zines / comics / and the like -- heck you could even win a free copy of that comic we did with that Noah Van Sciver fella, The Death of Elijah Lovejoy! All you have to do is email by August 15th, Monday at 5pm. So get cracking! And if your brain requires more deets prior to writing that time consuming email, follow the link to see some of the other participants or check out their neat zine right up here.

Speaking of the Zine Fest, Nic Breutzman made it into the City Pages Comics Issue! And if you should take a look at his comic and dig it, well, he just might have something for your peepers at the Twin Cities Zine Fest in September, perhaps a new mini-comic? I was hanging out with Nic the other day and got to see a bit of his upcoming newsprint split with Noah Van Sciver that we are publishing early next year. It's looking really great and I think we are all in for a treat!

Did I mention that my wife is participating in the Plush You Show at Schmancy Toys this October? Well, she is and we are flying to Seattle for the opening! I just bought tickets for the show a couple of days ago. We are definitely going to hit up the Fantagraphics Book Store and some vegan food places, not sure what else. It's bound to be fun though!



Avoided the heat last week by going to my mother-in-laws house (with my talented wife in tow), ate her food and watched her movies while she was at work (I owe her a trip to Italy, so please by our books ;-)

Watched Harry Potter the Deathly Hollows part deux --Liked it quite a bit actually.
New shop orders over at Jim Hanley’s Universe and Forbidden Planet New York (ordered some weeks back, so, new-ish order) two of our staunchest supporters -- please support them so that they may continue to support us.

More new shop orders from Chicago Comics, Atomic Books, and Fantastic Comics for, you guessed it, The Death of Elijah Lovejoy by none other than Noah Van Sciver (he recently put up an excerpt from his graphic novel, The Hypo on his blog-- very cool!). All top notch shops-- in a couple weeks they should have their orders and perhaps 5 of your green backs...? Do it! You recall me blathering a bit about Escapist Comic Booksore ordering our books 2 weeks back? Well, the other shop that sprung from the ashes of Comic Relief is Fantastic Comics. They are the one that inherited (in a manner of speaking) the physical shop of Comic relief while Escapist Comic Bookstore inherited the back stock and the cats.

A couple of excellent mini’s by our pal, Willy D AKA Will Dinski to enter our web shop sometime next month.

Speaking of mini’s, we have details on a book we are doing with Vincent Stall, the proprietor of King Mini International. It’s looking likely that we can pencil in the date for an October launch for Things You Carry. This of course could change. It’s going to be a gorgeous little book in any case, I mean check out that cover! Just bought an ISBN for it too. Actually, I bought 100 of ‘em.

Lastly, last Friday was Zak Sally’s fortieth! Go support the man -- buy his comics!!


Maggie's 30th: A Photo Post

Last Monday was my wife's 30th Birthday. As Meghan is not much of party-person we kept it a mostly solo affair. In the morning Meghan opened some gifts, about 95% comics. Some of the new additions to our comics library include: Doghead by Al Columbia, Stigmata by Lorenzo Mattotti & Claudio Piersanti, From Inside by John Bergin, The Kim Deitch Files put out by the ever lovely La Mano. It's pretty wonderful being married to this wonderful gal-o-mine as our interest in comics, art, music, literature is about 90% spot on-- thusly I do SO enjoy getting her comics! Ha!

Meghan and I went had breakfast and picked up a bottle of ice wine and a vegan cake then headed back home, where I began cooking some dinner, a mango tofu stir-fry.

Maggie helped get the cake out of the fridge.

Mmm. Cake!


River City Ransom AKA Post-Stumptown Blues

This past weekend, our 2D Cloud gang made it to the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland Oregon. We arrived on a Friday, famished.  After dropping off our books and baggage at the Hotel we enjoyed a meal at Arabian Breeze.  Downing 2 beers a piece, the males in our group (myself being one of them, I just double checked) quickly grew weary.  By 9 pm we were on our way to slumberland.

The following morning Meghan and I awoke to run over to Voodoo Doughnuts for, wait, VEGAN DONUTS!?  NAHM NAHM NAHM!!  Justin and Sarah awoke for similar reasons I am sure.  Though their donuts were topped with bacon.  Thus, a jittery start to day 1 at the fest.

We had 4 new-ish books at the show.  In the right hand corner there, we had Nic Breutzman's newspaper biggie You Can't Be Here.  On the left, we've got the Sunday Edition of Good Minnesotan #4 (limited to 30 copies).

Next up, that yellow guy is Sarah Tulius' Shortrounds.  The paper bag coloured fellow is Justin's RDCDFist.  I have a short in there as well.

Staring Contest?

More yummy vegan fair at Blossoming Lotus.  A long wait, but ate some good eats.

Stumptown was an amazing show, and Portland an amazing city.  This has certainly been our best show yet. GMN#4 sold out at the show, which was exciting!  To nestle our ego's back to earth, we only brought 16 books, so, maybe not a HUGE deal, it was pretty neat though.

There was a whole gaggle of awesome books that we picked up.  From the top of my head they are: Diamond Comics 2-5 edited/published Jason Levian (the fella who own Floating World Comics), Young Lions by Blaise Larmee, 2 Reporter comic books by Dylan Williams, Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfrörer (a beautiful book that I read during the early hours of the morning and in the dark so as not to wake my fellows), Paper Cutter #12 edited by Greg Means, Faces Spaces by Sean Lynch + Ed Choy Moorman, Henry & Glenn Forever by Igloo Tornado, Neely Covers Monsters to Give You The Creeps Collectors Edition by Tom Neely, uh, a bunch of other books that my mind is currently blanking on. Justin had the excellent idea of only picking up books from the small distro's and small presses (which is why we did not pick up Wilson--yet).

Our trip ended with a vegan dinner at the Vegetarian House, where we ate yummy vegan food stuff with the likes of Blue, Neil Brideau, Kane Lynch, Tom Neely, Dylan Williams and bunches of other cartoonist's whose names I am blanking on (not so good with names).

Let's see am I forgetting anything else... Most likely.  Did get to meet Eli Bishop of Global Hobo, missed Richard Krauss... I am probably missing more things and people's but I am tired, and me missing sleep wins out.  To bed!

Oh Portland, I already miss ye.



We leave for Stumptown tomorrow!  For the show we will have a hand-full of Meghan's Geirdoz. A couple of the little fellows are staying home from the trip. Blueberry, the little guy in the middle, gets motion sickness on planes. Don't worry though, he will be protected by a mid-sized Geirdo with battle damage-- COOL BATTLE DAMAGE!  (not pictured, he's camera shy).

Nic Breutzman's single, oversized newsprint comic, You Can't Be Here, will also be on hand.   I really dig the awesome biggy-ness of it, and I think YOU will too.

Last up, Good Minnesotan#4 will be previewed and on hand to purchase.  We will only have a small number at the table, so snatch 'em up.  GMN#4: One Last Taste will make it's proper debut later in the year at MIX.

The cover sleeve was illustrated by Martha Iserman + Matt Wells, back cover was illustrated by Nic Breutzman with me man-handling the colours.   Good Minnesotan #4 is a four part comic/book, with each mini volume fitting inside the sleeve in a good and proper inelegant fashion.

A full write up of the artist's (all 20+ of 'em) included in the fourth and final volume after Stumptown.

Not pictured (as I don't have it on me) is Shortrounds, a cute mini by Sarah Tulius.  It will be making it's WORLDWIDE debut!  ZOMBGOGD!  Justin and myself will have RDCDFist as it was meant to be, premiering properly there as well... if you bought it prior, well, I owe you.  Hope to see y'all there!