Avoided the heat last week by going to my mother-in-laws house (with my talented wife in tow), ate her food and watched her movies while she was at work (I owe her a trip to Italy, so please by our books ;-)

Watched Harry Potter the Deathly Hollows part deux --Liked it quite a bit actually.
New shop orders over at Jim Hanley’s Universe and Forbidden Planet New York (ordered some weeks back, so, new-ish order) two of our staunchest supporters -- please support them so that they may continue to support us.

More new shop orders from Chicago Comics, Atomic Books, and Fantastic Comics for, you guessed it, The Death of Elijah Lovejoy by none other than Noah Van Sciver (he recently put up an excerpt from his graphic novel, The Hypo on his blog-- very cool!). All top notch shops-- in a couple weeks they should have their orders and perhaps 5 of your green backs...? Do it! You recall me blathering a bit about Escapist Comic Booksore ordering our books 2 weeks back? Well, the other shop that sprung from the ashes of Comic Relief is Fantastic Comics. They are the one that inherited (in a manner of speaking) the physical shop of Comic relief while Escapist Comic Bookstore inherited the back stock and the cats.

A couple of excellent mini’s by our pal, Willy D AKA Will Dinski to enter our web shop sometime next month.

Speaking of mini’s, we have details on a book we are doing with Vincent Stall, the proprietor of King Mini International. It’s looking likely that we can pencil in the date for an October launch for Things You Carry. This of course could change. It’s going to be a gorgeous little book in any case, I mean check out that cover! Just bought an ISBN for it too. Actually, I bought 100 of ‘em.

Lastly, last Friday was Zak Sally’s fortieth! Go support the man -- buy his comics!!

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